Bloggership: What I’ve been loving lately

Hello people, it’s Friday!

On the almost two years I’ve been intermittently blogging I’ve learned many things. When I decided to start writing I barely knew anything about the blogosphere: I only read a couple of blogs, I didn’t usually read them and was so lost that I didn’t even know where to start. But the thing is since I watched Julie & Julia the idea was on the back of my head. And finally, when I decided to start digging in this world I found one of the best hobbies I could find. Now, two years later, I read too many blogs, I’ve known people from all over the world and enjoy reading their stories, looking at their pictures, trying their recipes, making their DIY and learning with their tutorials.

With this post I am starting another blog love series, because my voice wouldn’t be my voice if I didn’t read so many amazing blogs and because these blogs and the authors deserve a mention on my just-for-fun-and-no-so-amazing blog.

Duckie wants to help us staying organized with this free planner

I loved Georgina’s post: Blogging through bad times.

Did you miss last month’s supermoon? You can see pictures of it all over the world here

I found this tutorial really useful, I used to further complicate it!

I never thought of this, but it is really creative! Pineapple Vase

Absolutely loving Delia’s DIY:

This AWESOME giveaway is happening right now! Don’t miss it!

I can’t wait to try these Noddles, they look so delicious!

This post with 200 recipes for the Football season is the best resource to find some dishes for parties, meetings or just a different dinner.

Heather really rocks this career coaching thing. Answer these questions and you’ll be more likely to find your dream career.

Thanks for reading today, and don’t forget to say hello to any of these so-much-good-writers than me!



Being a student for so long can be sometimes really stressful and demotivating. It is easy to get lost and lose sight of your goals and it is easy to is fall into a whirlpool of negative thoughts and stop working on them. So what do I do when i feel like this?

Lately I’m suffering from a lack of motivation rather intense and with this post I decided to research a little bit and see what can I do to improve it, to feel better and to start doing things to feel better. Websites I’ve been reading always say the same, there are a few steps you can take and a few things to keep in mind.

But first of all, what it is motivation? Motivation is literally the desire to do things. Motivation is always in motion, there are days you feel a burst of energy to fight for something (let’s say your goal) and other days you feel incapable of doing anything. The good news are that you can influence your levels of motivation with a few steps.

  • Develop a good plan of action. Divide your goals in smaller pieces. Those pieces will be checkpoints for achieving the goal itself. Don’t forget to celebrate as you achieve the “mini-goals”.
  • Keep your mental and physical strength. Use it to achieve what you really want to get. Don’t waste it on things that take you away or distract from your goal.
  • Spare no efforts or decisions. That means, if there’s a concrete step you need to do, do it.
  • Never lose sight of your goal. Deal with drawbacks when they appear. You decided to fight for that goal and you have to deal with difficulties.
  • Don’t waste your time complaining. You waste too much energy on something non-productive.
  • Force yourself to act. There will be moments you will feel with not much energy or that you will have to do things you don’t like. Then, self-control is the key. Don’t think about if you feel like doing it, just do it.


  • Take advantage from the days you feel happier or with an energy burst. It is on those days when you have to do stuff that cost you.
  • Surround yourself with optimistic people. People who fight for what they want to get. It is contagious.
  • Pay attention on what you’ve achieved.
  • Enjoy the path.



El confidencial

Psychology Today

Motivación diaria


Do you have any tips? Do you thing it will work? I’m trying my best with this, so let’s see what happens.

Have a wonderful Friday!

This week I learned

I know, I know I said I wanted not to skip a single post… and I already missed three but Mr Chronos seems to be playing with me and always makes my time go by without me noticing.

It’s something like: Woah! Is it Sunday again? Did I do everything I planned? Ooops nope, to do all you want to, days should have 36 hours instead of 24, honey!
Every weekend I realize I should plan more realistic goals for the following week, and every weekend I make the mistake again and push myself to a nonsense week full of goals and work. But I like the way I’m always busy, is the way I am, I cannot remember myself not doing anything at all. And love having plenty of goals and projects, love my non-stop creative mind and those sleepless nights when ideas and inspiration stick around. We do have to love ourselves the way we are, don’t we?
Another Sunday and some more lovely links that I’ve been found interesting lately, all springtime related and beautiful ideas.

Is there any better idea for a springtime birthday party than these Mini balloon placecards?

With hot and sunny days salads are my favorite meal, let’s try this one!
Yes guys! Let’s put some spring everywhere. I’m loving this selection for my table.

Perfect burguers, nothing more to say!

I would give everything I have just for this view
Really in love of this way of recycling old glass bottles

Amy and her favorite New Girl’s scene, yep, it’s probably one of my favs too…

Ice cream, I’m in love with you!
Dont’ forget to take a look at these tiny tips for beeing a good and successful blogger.
Oh and I almost forgot, watch this video, its of a concert of The Kojaks!
Well, hope you enjoyed this new post and also your weekend was lovely! xoxo

This week I learned

How’s your weekend going? Well, maybe I should say how did it go?
Don’t you love those sunny days when spring is around the corner and you can enjoy the sun without feeling too hot? Don’t you love when flowers start to blossom and everything starts to look bright and full of life? Well, I do. It’s not like it’s my favorite season, because I love all of them but it’s true that it’s on spring when I feel with more energy and when I prefer beeing outside, take pictures, enjoy the sun and the wind and even some fast rain, wear skirts and dresses, use my bike, do some picnics and go for a walk. 
Let’s start with my small selection of lovely links of this week

Gina and her recipes help us keep thin.
Lately I’ve been looking for some new ways of having my oatmeal breakfasts, I’m trying this one ASAP, it looks delicious!
Looking for some new recipes I found a delicatessen.

Love Jess’ old photo findings (yes, I really love old photos).

Yes, I also love stars pictures and love NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, there are so many beautiful ones!

Do you enjoy reading? You can create one easy and funny bookmark. 😉

This girl’s posts and findings are for me a big source of inspiration.

Danielle and her March playlist are helping me today with my lack of concentration, and the first song is amazing!

Is there any other cupcake recipe that could be more perfect for a Sunday like this one? Nope. Rainbows, really? Rainbows on a cupcake? They are perfect! And they have rainbows inside too.

This DIY is an easy one to start adding some pop of colour on your outfits.
Hope you enjoyed today’s links, I really love discovering so many treasures. Enjoy the rest of your day and please, start your new week with a huge smile!!!

This week I learned

I know, I know, every Sunday I say the same sentece: Is it Sunday again? But oh, time passes so quick… And when I think about everything I should have done and didn’t, just feel like days should have 36 hours instead of 24 and I should never sleep. Instead of this, I try to organize myself as well as I know and use my time the better I can and when I think about everything I’ve done then I realize that I did a lot of things. My conclusion: It’s all about perspective.

Here I come today with some lovely links I found last week. Hope you enjoy!

Lovely Melissa shows us how to paint our nails with a denim twist.
Love this funny DIY from Oh Happy Day
Kinsey shows us how to turn a blanket into a top.
Moorea Seal and this week’s list of her 52 lists challenge inspires me.
Beautiful Cathy encourages everyone to accomplish their dreams.

I wish I could have this Baked French Toast Sticks every morning.
Yummy and healthy food, thank you Katie!
I completely LOVE Jessica’s recipes, there’s never one I wouldn’t cook.

Katie and her outfits always inspire me, she has such a personal style!

 And last but not least, I love Elizabeth’s blog and the way she repeats her clothes but she makes them different in every outfit.
This weekend was super funny, me and M. Funny went to Barcelona and spent a couple of days with my family, some family friends and my sisters boyfriends. We celebrated my little sister’s birthday.
We went to a beauty saloon and get painted our nails, the baby one had a massage with chocolate oils (it was sister’s birthday present), I cooked some cupcakes (recipe next week), ate yummy food and yesterday night played laser tag with some friends. A complete party weekend!
Hope you had a great weekend! 

This week I learned

Hey sweeties it’s Sunday again! This has been a very extciting week for me, I’ve done lots of things and there were some important news that have to do with my future, but first I want to share with you some lovely things I’ve found this week.

I’m completely in love of this tiny dogs from Bakerella!

Thinking about sharing some more love with this funny pie pops.

Wanting to taste this awsome chocolate pie.

Wishing to decorate my home with this shiny candles easy DIY.

Wanting ot create this lovely headband (maybe with some smaller flowers).

I had my first experience with washi tape, a cardholder.

Did this funny bookmark. Tutorial here.

Discovered Domisol Sisters and fell in love with their voices.

Learned a new English word: hectic.

And last but not least, I got an intership in a Market Research Company for six months, so up from March I’ll be working there!

Hope you have a happy Sunday and enjoyed your weekend! xo


This week I learned

I learned how to draw a heart with Inskape.

Yesterday we visited the awsome Xàtiva’s Castle.
Started learning design basics with Nicole’s Free Tutorials.
I’m totally in love of these nails.

Dicovered these truffles, I love Jessica’s food blog.
Found this other recipe, by Emma.
Saw some St. Valentine’s DIY that  I totally love:
This beautiful friend’s wall art, thinking about giving it to someone really special.
St Valentine’s Garland. Beautiful, beautiful!!!!

This easy surprise ball. It’s so simple an lovely!
Kinsey gave me that beautiful idea for sharing love with others on St Valentine’s: Random Acts of Kindness. Are you into it?
Enjoy your Sunday!

P.S: Don’t forget to sing up for the brooches giveaway! xo

This week I learned

It’s been a long week, weeks are always longer when you have to study but time also flies when you do. I spend the hole day studying and my head wants to explode but at the end of the day my feeling is that I should have studied more. Here begins a self-destruction process when I feel bad because I have to study and feel bad because if I don’t do. Then, suddenly I turn on my computer and start reading some of the blogs I love and draw a smile, Internet is an open window for me to think about new projects and goals that I’ll be achieving as soon as I finish my finals and a place where you can find so many beautiful things!

This week I discovered this beautiful Lenka’s song, The Show, and I love it, but it’s not only the music, the video itself is so funny, everytime I see the tomatoes I can’t stop laughing.

Lovely Melissa made me smile with this quick DIY.

Loved this beautiful table, I’m thinking about painting one for my home but maybe silver?

I’ll be baking those brownies ASAP.

Enjoyed this beautiful photos.

Learned how to make oat milk.

Found this beautiful bag at Stylistpick.

Learned how to embed a video on the blog.

This one is something that M. Funny read somewhere on the Internet but none of us knew and found very important: It’s a very common thing to suffer urinary infections after having sex but an easy and simple way of avoiding it is to urinate after make love because urine is an antiseptic. I’m writing this because is something no one taught me and think is very important. This has never happended to me but actually I do have friends that had this problem.

Also learned a lot of maths but that one was obvious!

Hope you have a very lovely day. Big hugs for you!


This week I learn: Holiday’s edition!


Hi again! Christmas is coming and I’m back home for the holidays… It’s been a long trip to see my family, but now I’ve got a few days to enjoy them. Are you going to see your family for Christmas? Have you to travel a long way before getting home? Today I’m sleepish because I didn’t sleep much last night and my brain is not working as it usually do, yesterday I drank a coffe at the afternoon and it was very difficult to sleep.

Here I go with some things I learned his week!

  • Don’t mix milk and champaing in a same cocktail, the resulting taste it’s not very good.
  • Knitting things (again someone’s present and part of a project I’ll share after holidays).
  • It’s not a good idea drinking coffee at the afternoon.
  • I discovered polka dots wrapping paper (seriously, I want some!)
  • Realized that need to go running more often.


  • How funny recording a video is (you’ll see it soon).
  • When studying it’s all about time management, yep, and priorities too.

  • Loved this Christmas Balls.


This is all for today, hope you like this few things! Please, let me know your opinions! Enjoy your day!


This week I learned…

Hey! I’m starting the last of the weekly series: This week I learned. Here I’ll share funny, interesting, beautiful and random information that I just learned the past few days.
  • I learned how to add Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin following buttons to my blog.
  • I discovered how funny a photo session could be.
  • Mr. Funny showed me this hilarious llama.
  • How important an harmonious and beautiful design for a blog is.
  • I’ve realized how much I like vintage.
  • I’ve discovered some new Celtic bands.
  • I’ve fallen in love of those beautiful deers.
  • I’m starting a new crochet project that I can’t show because it’s part of someone’s Christmas present.
  • A few make up things.

  • And of course, a lot of maths things…