Star Wars Day

Hello sweeties! How is your Sunday going? Mine’s been a little overwhelming, I’ve got tones of stuff to do. But as you can see I really committed to this BEDM challenge :D.

Today, it is Star Wars Day, I didn’t know there was one but apparently there’s a day for everything and I am really fond of the movies, I love Sci-Fi and well let’s be clear: Star Wars is a masterpiece.

I have a friend that likes to make you questions in the style of: If you could live in a movie, which one would you choose?

I completely love the idea of playing this game talking about Star Wars. I made up some questions and answered them. As you will see I like the old movies better than the new ones, guess that’s because I’m very romantic with old films.

    • If you could live in a Star Wars movie, which one would you choose?

    • If you could be a Star Wars character?

    • If you could listen to a song in the soundtrack live?

  • If you could live a scene?


  • If you could wear and outfit?

  • If you could pilot a space ship?

    • If you could live on a planet?

Welcome to Naboo and it’s awesome views.

    • If you could use a weapon?

Of course

Now is your turn, would you play the game with me? Answer the questions on the comments or blog about it and leave the link below. May the force be with you.


Sharing Films: The help

Lately I’ve spent looong days sick, I’ve caugth a stomach flu twice, and I’ve seen a lot of movies. That kind of movies you choose to avoid thinking, when you only want to distract yourself from the stomach ache and the sick feeling.

I came across this movie thinking that it was another dumb one and it was a surprise to find how beautiful it is and yet it’s a movie to watch when you’re sick.
The help tells the story of a young writer that wants to get a job on a serious newspaper and so she writes a book about black women who work in white people houses and two of those “help” women.

I prefer not to say more about it, it’s better you watch it and come with your own opinion.

Let me know if you watch it and what do you think about. Enjoy your day!

And remember:



Sharing Films: In the name of the father

Ok, so it’s 8 a.m. in the morning and I’m writing this post instead of start studying… yep it’s all about priorities, you know?

In early November Mr. funny and I visited Dublin with my friend Rosa. There we found that Irish history is very sad, it’s been a history marked by famine and war. That was something we didn’t know, we knew little recent history, small things about terrorism and not so much more.
But by visiting the city we found that Irish people have been suffering for hundred of years, and that’s something no one told us!
One day we visited a prison called Kilmainham Gaol, the guide talked about some films that were recorded there, and we made a list because some of them were about passages of Irish history. We started with this one, and seriously, we loved it. (Be aware! This is not a funny film, it’s one of those films you enjoy but you feel a bit sad at the end.)

Based on a true story, this film tells about a father and a son that are imprisoned as alleged terrorists after an IRA atack in London, but I prefer not to tell you more, it’s better to watch the movie.
Well, make me know if you watch it and your opinions!

Smile sweeties! xo