Mood’s Music #8 – The importance of enjoying being alone

A few days ago I met with a really loved friend for dinner. This sweet girl and I meet once or twice a week and have really deep conversations every once in a while. We are really alike and understand each other very well, reason why we share stuff we don’t share with anyone else.

On one of our meetings last week we started talking about love and dating and she told me something that got me thinking all week long: We are two people that are OK by ourselves, we are happy (or relatively, as much as life allows us, do you know what I’m talking about?), but we feel as if we were in a relationship we’d be happier.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve been putting a big effort on being happy, reading books, looking for information and working hard on activities that help my happiness emerge (I’m making big progress here), and my dear friend made me think about something I’ve been putting aside for a while.

Thinking about this was hard, because it is true, there was a time when I needed to be with someone to be happy. There was a time, not so long ago, when love was perhaps my most pursued goal. A time when people asked me “don’t you have a boyfriend yet? How old are you?” and the first thought on my head was: “Oh for God’s sake! I’m still young! There is time enough for me to find a mate.”

But not anymore.

In order to enjoy being with someone, we need to enjoy being with ourselves first. Not to have this neediness of love. Not to think our happiness depends on another person. Love is something that will come in the correct time and with the right person. But if not, if it doesn’t come, it will be OK, because it’s not necessary on our lives. Love is only another way of being well.

Love is one of the best parts of life, I’m not saying the contrary. But healthy love and healthy relationships is what we need.

Share your thoughts about this topic with me.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday’s Music: Some Beautiful Spanish Songs

Here I am trying to write something that I would like to read… but today my lack of inspiration is so great that even pick a few songs for you to listen has been very difficult. It might be that I’ve been distracted by everything, and maybe I have been doing everything at once and nothing at all…

But I’m writing because I picked the songs and I want you to listen them, so even if I don’t know what to say I’m sharing today’s playlist.
Today I’ve picked some of the Spanish songs that I love the most. Some of them are special because have been part of my life’s soundtrack, some of them remind me when Mr Funny and I started going out, some of them remind me my sisters and some are only beautiful.

I love the way music evokes past moments. I love to think about someone just because a song that reminds me of her/him is playing. Music is something that has a bizarre way of making me feel fine.
Have a nice week and enjoy the music!

The Kojaks

Hello Monday! Do you remember that I’ve been talking about new projects lately? Here are the breaking news: I belong to a band!
I’ve been rehearsing a lot the past couple weeks and spending long whiles with my new partners. So today I want to introduce you my band:

First of all I have to confess that singing in a band is something that I always wanted to do, when I was a child I always dreamed to be a professional singer but never had the opporunity of taking singing lessons. Then on 2011 I started singing in a choir and last year I started having singing lessons.

Shortly after I met Juan and Efren, they sing at the same choir I do, and a couple months later I discovered that they played in a band and the best part was that they were looking for chorus girls! So I let my shiness aside and offered myself to sing. Then I started rehearsing with Juan (guitarist) and sweet Amparo (singer). And suddenly I become one of them. (This happened a couple weeks ago)

I have to say that I’ve been a lucky one because in less than a week I’ve sung in two concerts, there are more programmed and they just recorded the first song and the first video clip (I’ll share it with you ASAP but you can watch the teaser). Also have to say that I feel very fortunate because I’ve found a bunch of beautiful people that play music I love. Love you Kojaks!!!

Now that I told you the story, I want you to meet my band:

Amparo (singer)
Juan (guitarist)
Efren (bassist)

 Mateo (drummer)

Juanjo (percussionist)

Me (chorus girl)
Now today is a very special playlist for me, I chose some of the songs we play, hope you enjoy!
If you liked the songs and you want to support our work, you can like our page on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Have a nice week!

Love you,

Deborah and the rest of Kojaks.

Monday’s Music: Bollywood Dancing

Hello Mondays! Today I want to share with you some special music and information. More or less one year ago I started having dancing lessons but special dancing lessons: it is Bollywood dancing. You know those Indian films where boys and girls suddenly start dancing and singing? Well, I learn how to dance this kind of music.

I love taking these lessons, it doesn’t matter what your mood is before you start dancing, once you do, you feel happy, positive and full of energy. Also I love the clothes they use, so colorful and brigth and how they enjoy dancing.

I wanted to share with you some lovely songs that I like.

Hope you enjoy and happy Monday!


Tracy Chapman

Hello Monday! I’m here again with some more music. Today, a special one. I discovered Tracy Chapman when I was 14 and I fell in love of her voice and her music, and then, when I started translating her lyrics I fell completely in love of her poetry.

There are some special songs that make me feel like when you’re in love: those tiny butterflies on your stomach and a stupid smile and floating around everywhere, something that doesn’t happens with normal music, only the songs that touch your soul are the ones make you feel like that. This woman has the special power of making me feel the butterflies no matter what song I listen to.

I picked some of her songs so you can feel the butterflies too, it’s was so difficult to choose them!

Hope you liked the new playlist. Is there some artist that makes you feel like that?


Monday’s Music: Dancing Machine

This is still a very stressful week, I’ve spent a lot of time studying and there’s a lot more left so I thougth it would be fun to share something that helps me relax. There are moments I am so jittery that is totally impossible for me to focus on what I have to study so I turn my favourite music on, spend about twenty minutes dancing, singing or even shouting the lyrics and then start studying again.

This is a silly and fun ritual that helps me keep my sanity intact while spending a lot of time at home, alone and studying and I don’t care my neighbours, my flatmates or even Mr. Funny think I’m crazy, is something that helps me relax and focus again and, well, I love it!
Yesterday I picked some of my favourite songs that I listen while this crazy dance and made a new playlist, but something was wrong with Grooveshark and couldn’t embed it on the post, I decided to try it again today. Here you are!

Hope you like it! Love,


P.S: No photos today, sorry, I’m very busy!

Monday’s music: Driving me vintage.

Oh! It’s Monday again? That’s how I feel lately… Time just goes by and I have more and more work to do, in a couple of weeks I start my finals and have to study a lot! And yes, I’ll spend all my Christmas Holidays studying… But let’s talk about something lovely: My new playlist!
Ella Fitzgerald

A small playlist with some of my favourite old songs. This might be my favourite one, with some classics, and the best part is that I’ve discovered some more songs that I didn’t know!

Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, The Andrew Sisters, Edith Piaf, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Vaughan and more, are the ones I chose for this vintage playlist.

The Andrew Sisters

 And again… the stupid smile on my face… You know, I’m choosing songs that make me feel very special, for one reason or another, some of them just make me remember my childhood, but others are the ones that I’ve always loved.

It’s been hard to choose, but here is the result. Hope you like it!

Sarah Vaughan

When I listen to this playlist I just wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy music the same way those artist did… Happy Monday!

Monday’s Music: Celtic Love.

Today is Celtic Music’s time. I’ve always been in love of this music, it makes me feel relaxed and happy. I like to listen it while having a tea and thinking in landscapes like the one in the photo above.

This music is a very important part in my town’s folklore, it’s very funny the way the dance the typical music, and the tiny flutes they use… Oh they are so, so lovely! They give me goosebumps (does this sentence have any sense for you? I don’t know if I’m using it correctly).

Today I only chose Irish and Scottish songs but there are a bunch of Spanish bands that play this kind of music. I want to share a hole playlist with Spanish songs, that’s why I didn’t share any of them in this playlist.

Well, with this music I prefer not to say nothing else, it’s better to listen and make conclusions. So please, let me know your opinions!

Have a nice and lovely week!