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Out of the comfort zone: Make up

Oh man, I missed another post! As my finals get closer I find it more tricky to sit down and write, I’ve got tones of work to do. But there’s only one week left of this challenge and it helps me disconnect about studying and the stress of the finals and hopefully I’m getting a habit on writing and after the BEDM challenge I stick with it and end up writing more often than I used to (let’s cross our fingers)

Today (actually yesterday) I was supposed to talk about something out of my comfort zone and, as I love those bloggers who have tutorials about make up and those “Get the look!” posts, thought it would be a funny idea to share my not-so-complicated look for those days that I don’t wanna keep things as simple as I use to.

I’ve never considered myself a make up guru. I wear it as little as possible, I keep things simple and have a big amount of concepts and techniques to learn but I love being able of making up myself in a not so simple way and giving me a vintage look. Also have to say that the last year being a chorus girl on The Kojaks forced me to learn quickly as I had to get ready to go on the stage.

I came up with this quick make up tutorial, but I’m not really sure if this would be useful to anyone… I’m out of my comfort zone, you know?


  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Medium eye shadow brush
  • BB-cream, or whatever foundation you use
  • Concealer
  • Makeup powder
  • Blusher
  • Light pink eye shadow
  • Eyeliner pen in black color
  • Black mascara
  • Red lipstick


  1. Use the BB-cream, concealer and makeup powder to make your everyday look.
  2. With the eye shadow brush cover up all the eyelid with the light pink shadow.
  3. Use the eyeliner to draw the cat eye, apply mascara as many times as you prefer.
  4. Apply lipstick.
  5. Apply the blush.

This is a perfect look to use with a little vintage outfit. I love it because it keeps things classy but without too much work and also being as simple as possible.

Happy Friday!

5 quick beauty tips for curly hair

Nooo, another day late on my challenge! But hey people, life happens everyday and we are not always allowed of doing everything we wanted to… The important issue here is to stick more or less with the schedule so here I am trying to catch up!

It is late night here and I am incredibly tired so I’ll share a quick post with 5 tips for curly hair:

  1. When you step out the shower dry your hair with a T-Shirt instead of a towel in order to avoid frizzing.
  2. Try not to wash your hair with very hot water, the cooler the less frizzy your hair will be.
  3. Use conditioner for curly hair to hydrate.
  4. Untangle your hair only in the shower when your conditioner’s on.
  5. When all else fails use braids to control those shaggy curls.

Those are 5 quick tips that help me dealing with my sometimes indomitable curls. Hope they’re useful for you!

Feeling Girlie

Last week, Mr. Funny and I celebrated our 7th anniversary and we did some special things. We spent together the last weekend, stayed on his mother’s birthplace town, visited a beautiful place, went out lunch and enjoyed of some time alone.

I love dressing myself to a date with him, choosing my clothes and making me up only to surprise him and make him know how happy I am of being together for so long.

I chose this comfy new dress and started planning how to wear it. Since the weahter isn’t really cold around here recently put on a shirt, some warm tights and my new shoes. I was ready for going out! 

This is an ideal outfit for a day or night date, like for example St. Valentine’s date. I really like the dress and also the shoes. They’re those special pieces that I talked about buying when I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions so I’m glad to see that I’m accomplishing them.
Outfit details: Dress-H&M winter season/Shirt, belt and tights – Old season/Shoes – Camper, winter season.

What would you wear on St. Valentine’s?

Happy Tuesday! xo


P.S: Don’t forget to enter the St. Valentine’s Giveaway!

I’ve got a confession…

This is me a couple years ago. I had a very long hair, and I loved it but in summer it was very uncomfortable and it was a bit difficult to deal with it while going to the pool, the river and the beach. So every summer I felt that I wanted to cut it but I never dared.

Then I did this:

Just cut it a bit. I liked the haircut but never was enough, I just felt that wanted to try a shorter one, but until last summer (the photos above are from summer 2010) I didn’t. You’ve seen it in the most recent photos, I cut it and went reddie.
Well, this confession is about how I miss my long hair… I can’t wait until it’s long again. I don’t regret what I did because I would never have tried the red on my hair whit the long version but I miss my pigtails, my braids and the warm feeling when you’re wearing a hat in winter.
What do you think about it? Did you had the same feeling anytime?
Enjoy your Tuesday!

Today I’m feeling girlie…

I’ve never been a fashion victim and never cared much of my outfits, I just keep them practical and comfy, don’t like getting cold and hate feeling uncomfortable. But I have to confess… I like feeling beautiful and girlie.

A while ago I started looking for some new clothes, like the skirt I’m wearing today, clothes for those days I feel like a real girl and I want to look pretty.

As you can see, I still want to be comfortable, I perfectly know the shoes I’m wearing are not perfect for today’s outfit, but I prefer having my feet cozy and warm.

Outfit details – T-shirt: Bershka, last season. Skirt: Primark. Scarf: C&A. Shoes: Coolway, last season.

I enjoyed a lot this morning, I was a bit shy with everyone in the park looking at Mr. Funny and I, but liked it. Also I have to admit that it’s been a surprise seeing these pictures… I’m thiner than I thought!

Hope you enjoyed this little post. Smile today, don’t wait until tomorrow!