Fitness Update – 07/02/2015

With the start of the new year, I posted my 2015’s goals. One of them was to stay fit. I want to take a serious exercise routine. I want to feel better physically and mentally speaking, but sometimes it is too easy to get lost on the daily life and not to find the time we need to workout and lose motivation too soon.

In order to avoid my lake of interest in the next few months I’m going to keep track of the changes in my body so I can come here to find any motivation when needed. It is not that I am really worried about my appearance but I’m pretty sure that in case I need some extra help that won’t hurt.

So today I’m starting some kind of “fitness diary”, I’ll post a photo every Saturday with the same clothes.  I’ll be working out on Cassey’s plans and practicing some yoga by my own.

Now… here goes the first picture of my not-so-cultivated body (I wasn’t really confident about the picture but hey! This is me)


Sorry ’bout this first picture, I hadn’t my camera on hand when taken!

Happy weekend! 🙂