This week I learn: Holiday’s edition!


Hi again! Christmas is coming and I’m back home for the holidays… It’s been a long trip to see my family, but now I’ve got a few days to enjoy them. Are you going to see your family for Christmas? Have you to travel a long way before getting home? Today I’m sleepish because I didn’t sleep much last night and my brain is not working as it usually do, yesterday I drank a coffe at the afternoon and it was very difficult to sleep.

Here I go with some things I learned his week!

  • Don’t mix milk and champaing in a same cocktail, the resulting taste it’s not very good.
  • Knitting things (again someone’s present and part of a project I’ll share after holidays).
  • It’s not a good idea drinking coffee at the afternoon.
  • I discovered polka dots wrapping paper (seriously, I want some!)
  • Realized that need to go running more often.


  • How funny recording a video is (you’ll see it soon).
  • When studying it’s all about time management, yep, and priorities too.

  • Loved this Christmas Balls.


This is all for today, hope you like this few things! Please, let me know your opinions! Enjoy your day!



Cooking Fridays, Spanish version: Today Paella Valenciana!

It’s Friday again! And well, it’s been a crazy week, it’s the end of the quarter and we had loads of work to do before Christmas holidays and my returning home trip is today so I had to pack my stuff and get ready. Yep, I’ve been very, very busy.

Well, while I’m going back home, you can learn how to cook “Paella Valenciana”. This is one of my favourites dishes and it’s easier than anyone thinks. Aprons on guys!

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 2 cups rice
  • A quarter chicken (better if thigh).
  • A quarter rabbit.
  • 150 gr/5 oz string beans.
  • 75 gr/0.6 oz lima beans.
  • 2 medium tomatoes.
  • 2 garlics.
  • 2 L of water.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt.
  • Some saffron.
  • A rosemary spring.

There’s a special pan for cooking this dish, you can look at the photo above, it’s the better way of doing it but I know it’s difficult to find if not in Spain but you can use another one. Make shure it’s about 5 cm wide and big enough for all the ingredients. When cooking, the heat has to be evenly distributed. 


  1. Grate the tomatoes.
  2. Peel and chop the garlic.
  3. Clean the string beans and separate and clean the lima beans.
  4. Heat the pan with the oil, you have to barely cover the pan’s bottom.
  5. Add grated tomato and garlic, fry at low heat until it’s cooked. Stir every now and then.
  6. Add the meat and fry about 20 minutes (medium-low heat).
  7. Add the beans and fry about 10 minutes more.
  8. Add water enough to cover all the ingredients.
  9. Let it boil for about 30 minutes, until the string beans get cooked. Be careful not to cook too much.
  10. Add the rice, salt, a strand of saffron, and the rest of the water. Let it boil till all the water vanishes.
  11. Decorate with the rosemary spring.

Don’t be disappointed if the two or three first times the result is not very good, you just have to practice.

Hope you like today’s post! Enjoy this Friday, and smile today! xo

Sharing Films: In the name of the father

Ok, so it’s 8 a.m. in the morning and I’m writing this post instead of start studying… yep it’s all about priorities, you know?

In early November Mr. funny and I visited Dublin with my friend Rosa. There we found that Irish history is very sad, it’s been a history marked by famine and war. That was something we didn’t know, we knew little recent history, small things about terrorism and not so much more.
But by visiting the city we found that Irish people have been suffering for hundred of years, and that’s something no one told us!
One day we visited a prison called Kilmainham Gaol, the guide talked about some films that were recorded there, and we made a list because some of them were about passages of Irish history. We started with this one, and seriously, we loved it. (Be aware! This is not a funny film, it’s one of those films you enjoy but you feel a bit sad at the end.)

Based on a true story, this film tells about a father and a son that are imprisoned as alleged terrorists after an IRA atack in London, but I prefer not to tell you more, it’s better to watch the movie.
Well, make me know if you watch it and your opinions!

Smile sweeties! xo


Monday’s music: Driving me vintage.

Oh! It’s Monday again? That’s how I feel lately… Time just goes by and I have more and more work to do, in a couple of weeks I start my finals and have to study a lot! And yes, I’ll spend all my Christmas Holidays studying… But let’s talk about something lovely: My new playlist!
Ella Fitzgerald

A small playlist with some of my favourite old songs. This might be my favourite one, with some classics, and the best part is that I’ve discovered some more songs that I didn’t know!

Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, The Andrew Sisters, Edith Piaf, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Vaughan and more, are the ones I chose for this vintage playlist.

The Andrew Sisters

 And again… the stupid smile on my face… You know, I’m choosing songs that make me feel very special, for one reason or another, some of them just make me remember my childhood, but others are the ones that I’ve always loved.

It’s been hard to choose, but here is the result. Hope you like it!

Sarah Vaughan

When I listen to this playlist I just wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy music the same way those artist did… Happy Monday!

Cooking Fridays: Spicy Grapes Cocktail!

Last week was my flat mate’s birthday so we had a little dinner party with some Mexican and Spanish food. I wanted to make him feel that day special so decided to try making a new cocktail. I chose this one because it was very easy, it’s alcohol free and here is still grapes season. It was the first time a prepared one so I was a bit worried about the outcome, and in fact, when I first tried it I didn’t like it.
But after beeing a couple hours on the fridge and served with some ice it was delicious! So today, I want to share my very first cocktail.

Ingredients: (10 people)

  • 500 g/ 17 oz of green grapes.
  • 500 g/ 17 oz of red grapes.
  • 12 black peppercorns.
  • A piece of ginger. You have to be careful not to add too much ginger because is an ingredient with a very intense flavor.


  1. Remove the grape’s seeds.
  2. Grid all ingredients in a blender.
  3. Refrigerate for two hours.
  4. Serve with ice.

You can add a bit of rum if you want to enjoy a more intense cocktail.

We enjoyed that dinner, and the cocktail added a fresh flavor to the party.
Enjoy your day!

Monday’s Music: Celtic Love.

Today is Celtic Music’s time. I’ve always been in love of this music, it makes me feel relaxed and happy. I like to listen it while having a tea and thinking in landscapes like the one in the photo above.

This music is a very important part in my town’s folklore, it’s very funny the way the dance the typical music, and the tiny flutes they use… Oh they are so, so lovely! They give me goosebumps (does this sentence have any sense for you? I don’t know if I’m using it correctly).

Today I only chose Irish and Scottish songs but there are a bunch of Spanish bands that play this kind of music. I want to share a hole playlist with Spanish songs, that’s why I didn’t share any of them in this playlist.

Well, with this music I prefer not to say nothing else, it’s better to listen and make conclusions. So please, let me know your opinions!

Have a nice and lovely week!

Cooking Fridays: Plum cake!

Today I’m starting the second weekly serie: Cooking Frydays, and I decided to start with a simple and tasty one, Plum cake. I love it, it’s a perfect breakfast and a very versatile dish.
I like to bake it every once in a while, always fill it with chocolate and nuts, sometimes add  some raisins. And the best part of it it’s that it takes not longer than half an hour (+ 1 hour baking time).
So here we go girls, put on your apron and start cooking!


  • 250 g of flour (8.82 oz)
  • A bag of baking powder (about 15 g/0.52 oz)
  • 3 medium eggs
  • A natural yogurt (125 g/4.42 oz)
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 125 g of olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chips
  • 3 tablespoons walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons raisins


  1. Preheat oven to 180 ºC/356 ºF.
  2. Beat eggs whites until stiff.
  3. Add the yolks, and the sugar. Stir until well mixed.
  4. Mix the baking powder and the flour. Add to the batter and stir again.
  5. Incorporate the oil.
  6. Add the chocolate chips, the walnuts and the raisins. Stir again.
  7. Put the batter on the plum cake mold and bake for about one hour. To make sure it’s cooked enough, prick the cake with a toothprick and if when you take it out it’s clean, it means you can turn off the oven. It should not last longer than an hour, less than 45 minutes if it’s a fan oven.

So, that’s it! A simple way of having a nice breakfast or dessert. If you didn’t know this recipe, please, try it and tell me your opinion, if you did, please let me know how do you cook it!
Hope you liked it. Happy Friday!

Today I’m feeling girlie…

I’ve never been a fashion victim and never cared much of my outfits, I just keep them practical and comfy, don’t like getting cold and hate feeling uncomfortable. But I have to confess… I like feeling beautiful and girlie.

A while ago I started looking for some new clothes, like the skirt I’m wearing today, clothes for those days I feel like a real girl and I want to look pretty.

As you can see, I still want to be comfortable, I perfectly know the shoes I’m wearing are not perfect for today’s outfit, but I prefer having my feet cozy and warm.

Outfit details – T-shirt: Bershka, last season. Skirt: Primark. Scarf: C&A. Shoes: Coolway, last season.

I enjoyed a lot this morning, I was a bit shy with everyone in the park looking at Mr. Funny and I, but liked it. Also I have to admit that it’s been a surprise seeing these pictures… I’m thiner than I thought!

Hope you enjoyed this little post. Smile today, don’t wait until tomorrow!


Monday’s Music: Yann Tiersen

I’m here again! And I will start with some new series of posts that will be coming up every week :D.
But, first of all, did you notice the new design didn’t you? Well, I’m still working on it so don’t be disappointed by the moment ;-)-.
So, the first serie will be this one, Monday’s Music, I’ll share lovely, funny and beautiful music, music that makes me smile, makes me sing or dance. Music is a big part of my life, you know, I’m a musician and love to learn, listen or discover new songs.
The first playlist is Yann Tiersen’s:

Well perhaps you don’t know him (I seriously doubt it) but I’m shure that if I talk about “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” you’ll remember its lovely soundtrack.

I discovered this man, or should I say his music, when watching the movie and I fell in love immediately, don’t missunderstand me, with the music, not the man. So I found myself listening again and again the beautiful songs and started looking for some more songs of his. I have to admit every time I listen to some of them, I draw a stupid smile and can’t stop until the song ends… Well, here you have my favourites, it’s a small selection (you can’t imagine how hard the choice was) but hope you look for more after this post. So, while listening try to picture me with the stupid smile… Hope you enjoy it! (I’m still working on embeding the playlist here…)

Monday’s Playlist: Yann Tiersen

Hope you like my new way of starting the week! (Please, let me know your opinions). Have a nice day!!