Blog Love – 09/01/2015

Hi guys! Two Blog Love posts in a row, can you believe it? Well it’s happening :P.

Since the New Year started I’ve been looking for better ways of displaying this section, I first tried to only present the links I found interesting, but it’s really bizarre for me to find recipes between DIY and tips, sooo I think the display I bring today will be easier for everyone: If you are in the mood of something concrete you can go for it and only look for the correct header.

Cooking & nutrition

  • This recipe is making me hungry right now!
  • Let’s go for red fruits again with this (Looking-delicious) blueberry smoothie.
  • Doesn’t look this chiken recipe perfect for a night with friends?
  • Does winter make you feel cold lately? Let’s add some noddle soup to the menu.
  • What about give it a go and try to make some almond milk? Are you ready for some honey on it?
  • Well, winter and mojito sometimes doesn’t look as the right combination, maybe with some new cocktails
  • What about slow down and sugar and try new ways of sweeten life?
  • Sometimes I am not really sure how I should store groceries and fruits: here’s the ultimated guide to never again mess up with them.

DIY & Freebies

Blogging tips

  • Analytics and appearance are two pilars for a successful blog.
  • An easy tutorial explains how to change your theme blog.
  • When work and blogging are not the same thing, you need extra organization to achieve all your goals.
  • Also, if you want to evolve on the blogging world Elizabeth, from Rosalilium has three different e-courses each one targeting three different levels on the blogging world.



Blog Love – New Year’s version!

  • Do you want to start an exercise plan as a New Year’s resolution? Cassey’s plan will help you staying fit and beautyfull! She’s got a beginner’s version too 😉
  • Or maybe in 2015 you prefer to read a little bit more? Here are a few books worth reading.
  • Need some inspiration for the new year? Oh Will Smith has the best quotes
  • Growing your biz? Sarah tells us many useful communities.
  • New year, new personalized welcome mat and some ice cream!
  • If this year you want a craftier version of you, this post will help you getting started.
  • Marcy’s visual poetry always inspiring.
  • This awesome giveaway is happening RIGHT NOW.
  • This ab workout will be a perfect way of spending your winter evenings.
  • Elizabeth’s tips will help you grow your blog, she knows what she’s doing!
  • This post almost brought me to tears. Let’s see if we can collaborate and help children on their education.
  • Craving for some chocolate? Me too!
  • So, being adventurous is something everyone should do sooner or later. This girl‘s an amazing example of it.
  • Love this photo!
  • Are you needing for some help with eating healthier? Here you have 25 delicious recipes.
  • And 112 more lightly recipes to improve your feeding.
  • And because we need balance, here are a few not-so-healthy recipes on Michelle’s blog.
  • Salad’s might be my favorite meal, and so, here’s my latest acquisition…
  • Well, and what about this delicious snack? Yummy!
  • Having any troubles with this winter cold? Try drinking some hot lemonade.
  • If you prefer something more spicy, this mojito might be a reaaally tasty option.
  • Knitting, knitting and knitting something you would use on this cold winter! I would wear this hat in every possible color.
  • Do you need to stay organized? Try printing Elli’s calendar and write down all your appointments.

So, here we have the first Blog Love post of the year! It’s really overwhelming how time flies!

Have a nice friday 🙂

Bloggership: What I’ve been loving lately

Hello people, it’s Friday!

On the almost two years I’ve been intermittently blogging I’ve learned many things. When I decided to start writing I barely knew anything about the blogosphere: I only read a couple of blogs, I didn’t usually read them and was so lost that I didn’t even know where to start. But the thing is since I watched Julie & Julia the idea was on the back of my head. And finally, when I decided to start digging in this world I found one of the best hobbies I could find. Now, two years later, I read too many blogs, I’ve known people from all over the world and enjoy reading their stories, looking at their pictures, trying their recipes, making their DIY and learning with their tutorials.

With this post I am starting another blog love series, because my voice wouldn’t be my voice if I didn’t read so many amazing blogs and because these blogs and the authors deserve a mention on my just-for-fun-and-no-so-amazing blog.

Duckie wants to help us staying organized with this free planner

I loved Georgina’s post: Blogging through bad times.

Did you miss last month’s supermoon? You can see pictures of it all over the world here

I found this tutorial really useful, I used to further complicate it!

I never thought of this, but it is really creative! Pineapple Vase

Absolutely loving Delia’s DIY:

This AWESOME giveaway is happening right now! Don’t miss it!

I can’t wait to try these Noddles, they look so delicious!

This post with 200 recipes for the Football season is the best resource to find some dishes for parties, meetings or just a different dinner.

Heather really rocks this career coaching thing. Answer these questions and you’ll be more likely to find your dream career.

Thanks for reading today, and don’t forget to say hello to any of these so-much-good-writers than me!