Hi, my name is Deborah and this is my playground, some kind of journal where I keep track of everything that involves creating something or discovering beautiful things. Here you can find from some photos I took yesterday when I was spending some time with friends to all kind of sweet, and some savory ones, recipes. It’s a place where I share all kind of stuff that involves creative minds, stuff that helps me staying positive while life simply happens and everything else around me seems to overthrow. I wrote my first post on September 8, 2012 due to a really bad summer that ended up with me needing something to be distracted and a encouraging post of two cute girls who told their readers to start a blog. Since then I use My Purple Planet to endure my bad days while crafting, cooking or learning about lovely things.

About me

Born in deep mountains, I’m a twenty-some Spanish math student trying to finish her degree while living in Valencia. A dreamy child who grew up between grass, flowers, trees and snow. A shy teenager who made of music her passion, learning how to play piano and flute, looking for someone to share her joys and concerns with, and dreaming about a better world. A not-so-grown-up girl with lots of hobbies that discovered a while ago what she loves most is singing. Deeply lover of my people and easy smiler, I look for every bit of joy that I can have and delight in every piece of happiness that life gives me.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.

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