10 salad recipes

Do you wanna know what I found most challenging in cooking? Innovation. I mean, it is too easy to end up on a circle of only cooking those things you master. It is reasonable. It is not difficult to make a hash of a “first time recipe” and, I don’t know about you, but I hate when a recipe turns out an epic fail. But… then I think: I didn’t master at first those recipes I master now, I need to keep learning, I need to extend my cooking repertoire and specially, I need to try as many times as it takes.

So lately I’ve been thinking about salads, A LOT. Let me explain here: I’ve been studying too much and I’ve had too much time to think about food. One thing I cannot understand about me is how stress makes me eat so little and, at the same time, I am hysterically obsessed with food.

Anyway, I love salads, that’s a fact, and I like to eat them a few times per week (yes, even in winter) and this final’s season I’ve felt the urge of spicing them up a little bit.  So, in order to indulge myself, I headed to my Pinterest board and began the hunting. There are hundreds of them, of course, but I selected only 10, every one with it’s special twist or main ingredient.

Apple cranberry walnut

Goat cheese

(I know, I didn’t find it on Pinterest but it’s been a while since I cooked it for the last time…)

Goat Cheese Salad

Pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes and roasted asparagus

Brown rice with cilantro lime dressing

Sorry, no image here

Grilled Caesar

Asian quinoa

Greek yogurt chicken



Ensaladilla Russa

Honey lime rainbow fruit


I cannot wait to give it a try on every one of this salads. My fave is this last one though, I die for fruit! What about you? Is there a special one you’d try?

Happy Wednesday!


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