Healthy living – Love yourself

Today I was supposed to write about healthy food, how to eat clean, Mediterranean diet… But instead of it I will talk about feeling good about yourself.

Let’s get in contest first: On one of my latest posts I told you about what’s going on on inside my head.

And, on the last few months I’ve been hearing from everyone how beautiful I am now that I’ve lost some weight, that I should be proud of myself, that I am now a complete beauty.

I hate hearing that.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love people telling me that I am beautiful. But, I hate they tell me it right now, because I now why I am so thin: I’ve been really sad and so I’ve been eating very, very little. And not only that, I’ve never felt weaker than now, I’ve never eaten so little and I’ve never loathed food so much before.

And so in my mind I think: being thin is synonymous of being beautiful? I mean, I’ve lost a couple of kilos but that’s all. A couple of kilos that I should have kept. Because now you can see my ribs and my backbones, does it look as I am beautiful? Not for me.

So today, here I want to talk about the importance of loving yourself, about our self esteem: loving yourself should be the most important thing in your life (or at least one of them).

I know that sounds as a cliche, everyone says that and very few ones put it in practice. But loving yourself makes you better at loving others, makes your life fuller, makes your days happier.

Nowadays, with all that beautiful and “photoshoped” models everywhere, we have a twisted concept of beauty, and us, those real people, with real curves, giggles, fats and cellulite feel as we should wear a small size, be always perfect, without any acne, wrinkles or imperfections.

But real people isn’t perfect.

The same way we have to embrace the flaws and weaknesses in our characters, we should embrace the imperfections in our bodies. Because we are not “photoshoped” photos in a magazine.

Those last months I’ve been working in that called self esteem, I’ve been trying new ways of feeling better with myself and I want to share the ones which worked better.


The number one in the list. Exercise not only makes your body more beautiful. It helps you feel reaaally good and it helps with anxiety, sadness and stress.

Start doing things by yourself

Embrace and enjoy being alone and feel the pleasure of being able of spending your time doing things without needing anyone else around.

Spend time outdoors

Fresh air, sun, rain… When I feel obfuscated or anxious, spending half an hour on a walk (or run) helps me see things different. Even if it’s snowing and freezing outside, those walks are really helpful for my non-stopping brain.

Do not neglect your personal hygiene and looks

This is perhaps the most obvious but yet unexpected one: If you feel bad about yourself, seeing you with old clothes, your hair in a mess, dirty teeth and smelling like a skunk never will help you feeling better with yourself. So shower, wash your teeth, put on your beautiful clothes and show your best looks.

Indulge yourself

Hot water baths. Delicious smelling creams. Candles. Luscious beverages. A sweet treat every now and then. Indulge yourself on things make you feel better the same way you would do with someone you love.

What about you? What do you do to feel better with yourself? Any tricks I could add to my list?

Enjoy your day beauties!


5 thoughts on “Healthy living – Love yourself

  1. Thank you for this post. It was honest and, well, beautiful. ❤ You are beautiful inside and out, now, then, all the time! Always remember that! My sister shared this post with me the other day, and I enjoyed reading it:

    I definitely need to be better about exercising. I've been really lazy the past couple months. i know it's because it's winter, but i shouldn't have to have an excuse. Thank you for the motivation!

    • Thank you Gentri, you’re so sweet :)It is really nice to have you around, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the link, I really like the part talking about the ideal weight.
      Winter doesn’t help with exercise but there are really funny videos on Youtube with indoor workouts. One of my favorite video bloggers is Cassey, and she posts complete plans to stay fit. Anyway, there’s nothing compared with a long walk in the woods while snowing or raining.

  2. I find that mascara, eyeliner and lipstick will instantly make me feel better about myself. It’s so simple but just having a ‘put together’ face makes me feel confident.

    • Yeah, I understand that feeling… I use this trick sometimes too, specially now that I have to spend too much time at home due to finish my degree.

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