Blog Love – 09/01/2015

Hi guys! Two Blog Love posts in a row, can you believe it? Well it’s happening :P.

Since the New Year started I’ve been looking for better ways of displaying this section, I first tried to only present the links I found interesting, but it’s really bizarre for me to find recipes between DIY and tips, sooo I think the display I bring today will be easier for everyone: If you are in the mood of something concrete you can go for it and only look for the correct header.

Cooking & nutrition

  • This recipe is making me hungry right now!
  • Let’s go for red fruits again with this (Looking-delicious) blueberry smoothie.
  • Doesn’t look this chiken recipe perfect for a night with friends?
  • Does winter make you feel cold lately? Let’s add some noddle soup to the menu.
  • What about give it a go and try to make some almond milk? Are you ready for some honey on it?
  • Well, winter and mojito sometimes doesn’t look as the right combination, maybe with some new cocktails
  • What about slow down and sugar and try new ways of sweeten life?
  • Sometimes I am not really sure how I should store groceries and fruits: here’s the ultimated guide to never again mess up with them.

DIY & Freebies

Blogging tips

  • Analytics and appearance are two pilars for a successful blog.
  • An easy tutorial explains how to change your theme blog.
  • When work and blogging are not the same thing, you need extra organization to achieve all your goals.
  • Also, if you want to evolve on the blogging world Elizabeth, from Rosalilium has three different e-courses each one targeting three different levels on the blogging world.



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