Mood’s Music #6: Creep

A few months ago I posted a short text saying how tired I felt without any reason and I stopped being around for a while. Then, lots of things happened: I went to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong, they asked me lots of questions, they did a complete check, they found nothing at all, they sent me to the psychologist, she asked me a tone of questions (again) and at the end, I was diagnosed with depression.

At first I didn’t understand anything: ME? DEPRESSION? Oh no, that’s not possible… I’m such a strong-minded girl! But… You know what? Maybe being sad is not bad, sometimes we need to mourn, not only people but also events. And the fact of putting your feelings in a metal box and hide it on the darkest corner of your heart never helps mourning.

Being strong is also being capable of analyse and understand your feelings. Being strong is to stand face to face with those things that make you feeling bad. Being strong is to embrace when you’re feeling Creep and allow yourself draw out that sadness.

Now that I am feeling better (meaning that I have more good days than bad ones) I realize that the worst part was being diagnosed. When the doctor told me about my condition it was a big strike, once I accepted it and started working on my feelings and the reasons why I was so sad there was a big progress on my mood.

So, today I want to invite you: If you ever feel creep, embrace it, talk about it with someone (professional help or a friend, I’ve been doing both), analyse it, but don’t overdo, get to the core of the problem and start working on solve it. But also keep in mind you have to be ready to face the problem and you’ll never solve anything if you aren’t willing to.

Now, if you ever (EVER) need to talk, I’ll be round here. Sometimes talking with people who’s going to understand or with a complete stranger is easier than with our close ones. Send me an email and I’ll be glad of hearing about you.

Let’s start enjoying life.


2 thoughts on “Mood’s Music #6: Creep

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