Happy 2015, Resolutions and I am back again!

So, it’s been a long time since my last post. Too many weeks if you ask me, but what’s first goes first and I needed the pause. But, as lately I’ve been feeling with a lot much energy than before I thought the timing was correct and as they say around here: “Año nuevo, vida nueva”, which means New Year, New Life. Well, starting a year is a good way of getting new habits isn’t it? So here I am, on the way of trying it!

Now, how was your night? Did you celebrate with closed ones? I spent it with the whole family and after midnight went out with my sisters and some friends… And yes, I came back home reeeeeally late. In fact, I’ll be probably sleeping by the time you read this post.

As it couldn’t be different, with the new year come the so lovely “Resolutions”. The ones we aaaaalways want to keep and then usually forget two weeks later…

In order to avoid it, this year I want to keep things simple, only 12 resolutions that include work, this blog and leisure time, some of them really easy to achieve, others a little bit more demanding:

Now, what about you? Did you make any resolutions this year?

Have a nice day and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!!


One thought on “Happy 2015, Resolutions and I am back again!

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