I’ve been struggling on either writing this or not for a few days. Things are not going OK and I need to slow down. Step back and watch life happen. I need to rest.

I feel too tired and sad and don’t think I have the energy of writing here for a while. I just need to rest.

I would like to give only one good reason why I feel what I feel right now, but there aren’t any reasons. I can’t say why I feel how I feel. I cannot understand why I feel how I feel. And the only thing I can have in mind is that I need to rest.

So, I am taking a vacation. I will work on my personal issues (clearly I have them, even if I don’t know what’s going on) and hopefully I’ll be back in two or three weeks with more and better ideas, much more energy and willing to share them with you, if there’s anyone out there.

This is not a goodbye, I’ll be back soon.


One thought on “Rest

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