100 Happy Days

So, if you’ve been following my Instagram latelly sure you noticed that I’ve been posting a photo every day with the hasthtag #100HAPPYDAYS.

For those who have not heard yet about this interesting initiative, last March I entered the 100 Happy Days Challenge, which consists on posting every day a picture with something that makes you happy. Why? Well, to focus on positive things about your life and not lose sight of the tiny things that make us happy.

I finished the challenge last Saturday and thought it would be fun to share with you some of my impressions: Throughout the entire challenge I found relatively easy to find what to photograph and also it surprised me the way we take for granted the tiny things that make us happy. There were days I had to think a lot about the photo, there were really bad days when I wasn’t in the mood of being happy, but it helped me focus on positive things and I always ended up finding the correct post.

I made a mosaic with all the pictures I took, realized I counted the same number twice a couple of times, that is I really made 102 happy days,  I made some beautiful pics, I repeated the same topics all challenge long, and stayed really positive for those 100 days. So if your life is being a little messy or you feel inexplicable sad, join this beautiful challenge and start to focus on positive things. 100% recommended.

And now, what? Well, it’s been less than a week since I finished and for now it seems to me that I’m still focusing on the beautiful things of my life… Let’s see how long it lasts. I can always start over!

If you’re thinking on joining the challenge or already did it, let me know and I’ll be following you.

Have a beautiful Thursday!


Mood’s Music #4: Stress

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for me. I feel the pressure of finishing my degree on every test I take, I barely eat, sleep or do anything non-studying related. I’ve lost weight, I’m losing hair, I feel ugly, nervous and tired. Actually I am a complete mess…

Stress is getting away almost all my energy and I often feel like I’m losing my mind in any minute. But I only have a week left and then, after packing all my things and moving back home, I’ll be enjoying a few days of rest. So only seven more days under this pressure and then I’ll be enjoying a tiny bit of summer. Also, my mum is coming soon and helping me pack all my life, so I’ll be enjoying some quality time with her. Let’s say anything is slowly coming back to its place.