What makes you awesome?

Today I’m supposed to talk a bit about me, about my best quality, the one which makes me special. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the matter  and I don’t really know if I would be able to pick a quality itself because I’m not sure if the one I’d choose can be called a quality, it depends on the context in which we place ourselves.

In my case, I would say that my best quality is integrity. I tend to keep calm when something bad happens and respond to solve the problem as quickly as possible and the best way I find. It is supposed to be a good thing, isn’t it? But that integrity has something else behind: I tend to hold back my true feelings on those cases, I tend to put them inside some kind of armored box and keep them locked the longest I can. So finally, when those feelings get out of the box I become a complete mess because I’ve been holding them for too long. Having said that, I also find my greatest quality one of my greatest weaknesses.

There’s a question that yesterday popped on my head: Is there only one quality that makes us special? Or is it the whole picture of all our strengths and weaknesses?

As I grow up I find myself thinking about how everything changes from black or white to a whole palette of grey, I realize that our weaknesses sometimes make us strong, that our strengths sometimes keep us apart from our dreams and that we have to find the perfect balance between both to achieve our awesomeness. Only if we mix them and learn how to use the new grey we find we will be able to find our best personality. When we do it, then we’ll have matured.

It is so my opinion that what makes us awesome is how we find, or try to in my case, said balance, how we work on it as hard as we can and finally end up using our best and worst qualities for being a better person both professionally and personally.

What are your thoughts about it? What would you say makes you awesome?

Happy Friday!


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