Healthy living

Healthy living, wow, what a difficult topic today… Healty living, what do I understand for healthy living? Is it eating healthy and practice sport? Is it trying to buy everything on fair trade and Eco-friendly shops? Mmm I gues I’ll have to investigate more about it.

I just decided that I want to dedicate more than a few lines on this topic. Wouldn’t it be nice to write some quality posts about healthy living? Recipes, shops, nutritional tips, exercises… This is the start of a new series of posts where I’ll be talking about everything related with this topic. I’ll do some research and will write quality posts, but everything once this BEDM challenge ends…

So, guess it’s time to go to bed, but with a bunch of ideas on my head ready to work with! Sweet dreams beautiful people!


2 thoughts on “Healthy living

    • Well, It’s getting harder and harder to stick with the schedule… I spend too many hours at the library studying and when I arrive I’m so tired that I don’t write with the quality I would like. I have lots of ideas to work on the healthy living. Coming soon!

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