Best thing about childhood: Imagination

When I was a child I had a huge imagination, I spent hours being a powerful warrior fighting against orcs, being a princess ruling my kingdom, being an astronaut on a spaceship.  When I was a child a blank canvas was as if a whole new world opened before me, it was a new opportunity.

When we are children, we play, we dream, we IMAGINE.

Everything is possible: our sword is a wooden stick, our spaceship is a cardboard box, our crown is made of flowers. We create amazing games out of nothing, we have invisible friends, we write awesome stories, we speak invented languages, we laugh hard.

When we are children, imagination is our superpower. We are superheroes fighting against the grey cloud of adulthood that hangs over us, painting it with our wide palette of bright colors and big brushes. We see the world with our special angle and see all the opportunities that it brings us.

Imagination, best thing of childhood.


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