Mood’s music #3: Not such a good day

There are good days and not so good days. There are days you think you’re conquering the world and days you feel so tiny that everything feels scary. Bad days just happen and we have to deal with them the best way we can: sometimes eating chocolate, sometimes listening to some music, sometimes we only need to feel the heat of our loved ones.

Today’s one of those awful days for me, I’m in a bad humor, feeling sad and pulled by a string of negative thoughts that undermine my self-esteem. Just a bad day, you know?

Although I am usually a very positive person, there’s plenty of personal stuff I have to deal with and guess the stress of the finals being around the corner and that feeling I have of not being capable of pass all the exams are increasing my negative thoughts, making me feel more tired and gloomy than I’m used to. Also, when I feel like that I usually stop talking with people and I don’t tell anyone how I am feeling so end up feeling more alone than I really am. That’s embarrassing to say, but I am some kind of jerk in this area: I don’t usually tell anyone when I am feeling sad. I’m not the kind of person who asks for help when it is really needed… I am such an idiot. You see? Bad feelings all around.

While I deal with my shitty way of communication when I am sad, I always need a positive message to stick with and luckily, music helps me through everything and there’s always a song that makes me smile or think about better times. So, today I picked the song that has been my positive message those last months, the message that I need on that kind of day: Hold On.

Is there a song that helps you through bad days?


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