Home sweet home + a Futurama DIY

Picture this: It’s around 6 in the evening, you’ve been all day long at work, or college or wherever it is you go, you arrive home, take off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and sit on the sofa while you listen to soft music. This is the kind of feeling we think about when we talk about “Home sweet home”.

Today I wasn’t really sure about what I wanted to talk, the fact of having two homes (the real one and the student flat) made me struggle about how I wanted to write this post. Do I talk about my home and family? Do I talk about me being all alone miles away? So at last I decided for the feeling when you arrive after a few days out or work and suddenly you relax in your pajamas and enjoy your home. I can barely think about a better feeling after a long day: a shower, music, scent candles, comfortable clothes. I love that feeling.

Also, I wanted to share a DIY. It’s been a long time since the last one, looong looong time, and thought it would be fun to share the cross stitch pattern in the picture above for those Futurama lovers that I know there are out there. I made it as a gift a few wears ago (sorry I cannot share any pictures) and I love it, even if the result wasn’t as much as I wanted because there were a few things about cross stitch I didn’t know (and were really important).

If you click in the image above it would led you to the source where you will be able to download it and print the pattern.

Happy cross stitching!


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