5 quick beauty tips for curly hair

Nooo, another day late on my challenge! But hey people, life happens everyday and we are not always allowed of doing everything we wanted to… The important issue here is to stick more or less with the schedule so here I am trying to catch up!

It is late night here and I am incredibly tired so I’ll share a quick post with 5 tips for curly hair:

  1. When you step out the shower dry your hair with a T-Shirt instead of a towel in order to avoid frizzing.
  2. Try not to wash your hair with very hot water, the cooler the less frizzy your hair will be.
  3. Use conditioner for curly hair to hydrate.
  4. Untangle your hair only in the shower when your conditioner’s on.
  5. When all else fails use braids to control those shaggy curls.

Those are 5 quick tips that help me dealing with my sometimes indomitable curls. Hope they’re useful for you!


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