British Sandwich Week – 7 Sandwich Recipes

Wow, I still cannot believe that I am sticking to this BEDM challenge! It’s hard as hell, I have to say it. It is difficult to find something new to say every day even with the schedule. Maybe that’s because I’m not a word person. I love to write, I love to communicate but I only do it when I have something important to say. As you will understand, it is difficult to find something words worth everyday.

My life is not so interesting lately: I spend my time at home, studying. I don’t see much people, I don’t talk much because my flatmate isn’t around here and well sometimes I feel bored as hell. Fortunately this blog gives me something non-maths related to think about and I’m convinced that  it is keeping my sanity (the little I have left) intact.

This week was British Sandwich Week, and as they work to present some of the benefits of eating a sandwich (a healthy one :P) during lunch break I thought it would be funny to start my own British Sandwich Week. What does that mean? I’ve chosen 7 sandwiches recipes around the internet and I’ll be preparing one of them everyday, I’ll post a photo on Instagram and will use the tag #BSandwich. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome, the only thing you have to do is use the tag. You can prepare the recipes I picked or your own choices. Let’s give it a try with this sandwich thing!

Day 1: Posh bacon buttie

Day  2: Green club sandwich

Day 3: Courgette and Mozzarella Toasties

Day 4: Classic Cobb Sandwich

Day 5: Parmesan and Basil Chicken Sandwich

No picture of this one, sorry!

Day 6: Club Sandwich

Day 7: Brioche Tea Sandwiches

It’s getting me hungry just thinking about this recipes! Don’t forget to let me know if you’re participating on this personal Sandwich Week.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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