Local history Month – Mercado Central de Valencia

Source: http://atropellaplatos.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/mercado-de-santa-catalina-valencia/

The Mercado Central de Valencia (Valencia’s Central Market) is by difference my favorite place around the city.

This modernist building was begun in 1914 in order to replace the old market which was teared down because it was running small. With almost 400 small shops it’s the largest place in Europe dedicated to the sale of fresh produce. Here you can find fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, meat and sausages.
Located in the same marketplace as in the Arab period and being for a long time one of the most famous markets around Europe, it received merchants from everywhere in Europe and became the hub of city life during the Middle Ages and a long time after.When going to this amazing building you have to get lost around and enjoy the hustle of locals buying any kind of fresh produce. You have to look up and enjoy the ceramic decoration. You have to smell the different spices and mixtures and have a taste of Mediterranean cuisine.It is a pleasure being able to go shopping there and spend the morning enjoying the smells, the noises, people buying what they need. 

Such a beautiful place I had to talk about it. Hope you enjoy.


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