Gadgets talk

Everyone has special gadgets, apps or software that makes our life easier. I made a list of anything of this kind that helps me staying organized, focus and work or live more comfortable.


The Amazon Kindle

This is a must if you’re fond of reading: less than 200 gr of weight and a storage capability of 1,400 books, you can read anywhere you go without carrying a huge paper book.

 DSLR camera:


Since I bought it a couple years ago I’ve been learning more and more about photography and it’s becoming a very important par of my trips but also helps me improving the quality content of this blog.


You need a budget:

This is the most helpful computer program I’ve ever used. It’s only purpose is to help you take control of your finances and be capable of saving money with only four simple rules. It’s very easy to use and has a very friendly interface. Highly recommended for personal finances and small business.



Do you know anything about the Pomodoro Technique? I use it when I’m having trouble concentrating, specially if I have to study. This phone app is a timer prepared with the 25 minutes intervals and the correct break times. 100% useful!


Another time management app. This one keeps track of everything you’re doing so you can see on which activities you spend the more time. Really useful when you need to set a time for any activity you need to do or if you need to improve your productivity.

Google Keep:

The perfect complement to the above two apps. As simple as a post-it note, you can note anything you need, as for example to-do lists, shopping lists or anything you need to keep in mind.

Google translate:

This one is obvious, I use it everyday: if I write on the blog, if I’m reading other blogs but also anytime I need to better understand an expression.


This one is for a more personal use. It’s a sport app where you can track your workouts, challenge your friends and analyze your training. Really useful if you need to motivate yourself. You can see what you’ve been doing and how you’re improving.

I’m sure there are hundreds of useful apps, software and gadgets that I haven’t heard of yet. Do you know any? Which ones you couldn’t live without?

Have a nice Thursday!


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