Weekend morning routine

Here we come with the third post of this BEDM challenge and here I am, writing the fourth post in a row! Today’s post is supposed to talk about a weekend morning routine: what do you do a weekend morning?

Being a student is hard, I know working is harder, but when you’ve been for a long time studying with the one an only purpose of finishing your degree it can be exhausting. My days are all the same: you get up, you go to class, you study and do your homework, you go to bed and wait for another day to come.

If you add that this is my last year and I barely have to go to class, the days end up being you at home trying to study, and I say trying because if you are a born procrastinator you try (not really hard) but you always find anything better to do. But hey, I’m trying my best, I promise.

Well so let’s see what can I tell you about my weekend mornings: I usually get up around 8 o’clock (always depending on how tired I am and if I went late to bed the night before), I do some yoga, have a healthy breakfast, tidy up my bedroom, have a shower, do the laundry, and start studying around 10. I spend a few hours studying until I am hungry and make lunch.

As the end of the school year approaches I spend more weekends like this and less doing anything non-college related. But I love going to the beach or spend the morning trying new recipes.

What about you? What do you do a Saturday morning? Is there anything special I should try?


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