Five fave posts

It’s been a while since I wrote my first post. I like to navigate once in a while around my blog and read old posts, I like to see how the writing and appearance evolved. Today I made a selection with the 5 posts that I’m most proud:

  • DIY recipe box. This project was on my mind for a couple years, since I saw my sister Alejandra with one she had bought. I absolutely loved the idea and wanted to have one of my own, but after a few months of unsuccessful search I decided to DIY it. It took more than a year for me to make it and it was thanks to start my blog. Also I love the result and I’ve been filling it with new recipes.

 Cooking Fridays: Chocolate and Caramel Cupcakes + DIY decorations!

  • Chocolate and caramel cupcakes. This one was very important for me because it was while celebrating my sister’s 18th birthday. The printable and the cupcakes, was everything so lovely!

  • Mood’s Music #1. When I decided to start sharing more with you and also when I learned how to take decent selfies with the camera. (Hard work, you know?)

  • Easy croissants with chocolate. Everyone liked this post, I posted it on Facebook and I got more likes than ever and of course, I’m really proud of them :).

  • DIY photo wall. Last but not least, this is my little baby. The project I enjoy the most, the one I see everyday and makes me smile. My inspiration wall.

It was difficult for me to only choose 5 posts but at last I did. Hope you have a wonderful Friday.


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