What’s my blog all about?

Wow, I didn’t realize how hard is to define what I’m doing here. I craft, I cook, I share music and I am trying to write more about my life. But can I say it is a lifestyle blog? I’m not sure. It isn’t a cooking or DIY blog neither. So, what can I say about it?

This is a place where I create, where I develop my creativity, where I endure my bad days. This is the place where I can be a more childish version of me. The one that looks at the world with curious eyes. The one that wants to try making everything that sees on the Internet.

This is the place where everything is possible, where I can dream and run away from my rational mind for a while. The place where I share things that I learn.

Guess is a sort of diary that makes me realize how wonderful my life is and how much better it can get. Here I make a record of all the beautiful things I’ve been able to create (or recreate).

Now I see, my blog has the one and only purpose of celebrating life.


2 thoughts on “What’s my blog all about?

    • Yeah… It is a bit difficult to say hey, this is my blog of this concrete thing. The most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing and try your best. Thanks for stopping by!

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