The Blog Every Day in May Challenge #BEDM

Elizabeth from Rosalilium is hosting this awesome challenge. As the name suggests, the challengeĀ is to write a post every day throughout the month of May. (Big challenge for me!!! )

The part I like the most is the fact that she made a calendar with a different topic every day so you can look for inspiration when needed. When I took a glance at it I realized that the topics she chose are very different from mines and decided to stick with her schedule and see what happens when I have to get creative out of my bounds.

Also I’ll be trying to stick with the other posts I want to share (can you imagine a day with more than one post? Yeah, me neither…) and share everything I’ve been working on these past few weeks, as I always say, my silence doesn’t mean that I’m not working on new projects.

So, up from tomorrow I’m writing here every day and I’m really trying this one!


P.S: Elizabeth, thank you so much for this great opportunity!