Mom’s recipe: Baked artichokes

Is there a better meal than one cooked by your mom? Oh, don’t bother to answer, I already know what you’re gonna say: Nope.

Everyone loves their mom’s cooking, the way she cooks macaroni or that special soup that you’ve been for years trying to make it taste the same way she does. And the thing is it doesn’t matter how hard you try, there’s no human way of meeting your mother in the kitchen and beat her ass off… But hey! Do you really care about that? Not me.

The truth is I love how she cooks, and I love going home and eat everything she makes, I love not being able of prepare certain dishes and make them taste the way she does and also love the way she makes a meal for 6 people and makes it taste as good as if it was for 1 or 2. That’s what I find trickiest.

Trying to cook all this dishes you’ve been eating all your life with so much pleasure is as natural as eating, just as it is natural to fail doing it and disappoint yourself because it turned out not being what you expected. Is like your taste buds had lost half of they sensitivity. But hey, don’t worry, cooking is an art, and as such, it improves with practice. Sooo the best way of matching your mom is to try again and again and, eventually one day your dish will taste a little bit closer to hers. That’s what I’ve been trying since I moved to Valencia, and now (almost 9 years later) I start finding some of my dishes as good as the ones I ate when I was at home.

I owe my mother my passion for cooking and I wanted her to be around here in some way. She and my grandma are the best cookers I’ve known and so I want to dedicate a few posts to their dishes, or my poorer version of them. So every once in a while I will post a “Mom’s recipe”.

When I was little I didn’t like eating artichokes, I hated their taste and was lazy enough to avoid getting my hands dirty with such an odious vegetable, with this recipe I’m sharing today my mother made me enjoy them, but not only that, she made me love artichokes. In fact, today they are one of my favorite vegetables and I cook them once or twice a week throughout the season.

Ingredients: (2 people)

  • 4 artichokes
  • 150 gr/ 5 ounces sausage or ham
  • 200 gr/ 7 ounces tomato sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Preheat the oven at 180ºC/360F. Cut the artichokes’ tails, wash them and open the leaves.
  2. Dress with some salt, pepper and olive oil.
  3. Bake for one hour and a half .
  4. Meanwhile, stir-fry the sausage or ham until it turns golden brown.
  5. Incorporate the tomato sauce and stir-fry at medium-low heat for 5 more minutes.
  6. Once baked, add the sauce to the artichokes with a spoon, making sure that part of the sauce gets inside them. Bake again for 10 more minutes.


  • An easy way of opening the artichokes’ leaves is putting them upside down and gentle press the bottom.
  • To see if the artichokes are cooked enough prick the artichokes with a toothpick. They’ll be cooked if you can do it without any trouble.
  • Baking time depends on the size of the artichokes, I used medium-sized ones.

Make sure you’ve got napkins around you while eating this tasty dish or things will get messy. Have a nice meal!


10 thoughts on “Mom’s recipe: Baked artichokes

  1. I love that you’re dedicating some recipe posts to your mom and grandma! And your pictures make me wish I liked artichokes 🙂

    • You can try! As I said, when I was little I hated them and now I cook them very often. My mom and grandma taught me everything I know about cooking so it couldn’t be any different! Thanks for your comment!

    • Guess artichoke is a very bizarre vegetable for a 10 year old child. You should share your moms secret sauce with me! And well, it would be nice knowing someone actually tried one of my recipes

      • I always just used a lemon-caper aioli. The only downside to the recipe is cutting off the stems which are the best part … I think I will try yours but with the stems!

      • Another way I usually bake them is with the dressing and nothing else but I prefer this recipe. About the stems, yeah most people tell me about them and some day I’ll try to cook the whole artichoke. Till now I only reproduced my mom’s recipe but I want to start experimenting.

    • I grew up eating them, but maybe that was a California thing – they were very popular steamed and/or grilled.

  2. I have never put any sort of meat or sauce into my artichokes and always ate them rather simply, but now that I read this … well I sorta want this NOW lol.

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