Mood’s music: #1 Hey I love music!

I think the time has arrived, on my last post (yeah, it was looooong ago) I let you understand I was willing to share some more of my private life, maybe use this blog as a diary. I wasn’t sure about all this idea because it’s hard to think what part of my life may interest you, but then I remembered why I started writing here: wasn’t it because of me? Right now I need to write, write a lot, and meditate about my life and what my next steps are. So, with this post I’m starting a diary, a diary where I’ll share some of my deepest thoughts and concerns but also my happy moments and good news.

Guess you’ll be thinking why is she calling this series of posts Mood’s Music and not mood’s diary? Well, you’ll read a deeper explanation right below but let me ask you a question: Isn’t it easier if you sweeten it with some music? Every week I’ll choose a song to share with you as a recap of my thoughts (or just a song I’ve been listening to o recently discovered), that way I’ll be explaining myself better.

Everyone should have something that helps them run away real world, something that no matter what’s going on around or the problems you have, it always makes you feel happy, something you feel inspired about even on your worst days. I found my “something” last year when I started my singing lessons.

Music has always been a big part of my life, I’ve been playing piano and flute since I was 13,  love dancing, have a soundtrack for everything that happens to me, I match every person with a song that remembers me of a certain memory with them… (is this a bit freaky?) It’s deep inside of me.

But when it comes to singing this feeling becomes way more intense. It doesn’t matter how my day was, what bad things happened or if I am sad, when I sing everything else disappears and I find comfort after a couple of songs. Singing makes me really, really happy and it helps me express my feelings the correct way. I found my something and I’m really glad about it.

The song I chose today is one I’ve been working on at my singing lessons. The message is not really positive but I LOVE this song and wanted to share.

What about you? Let me know what your “somethings” are.


2 thoughts on “Mood’s music: #1 Hey I love music!

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