Easy croissants… With chocolate!!!

Hi! It’s been a long time since I last wrote here, and I said I would be writing for long… but I didn’t. I’ve been tempted to say again that I’m back and all that kind of stuff… but thought it would be better if I just wrote a real post sharing a real recipe or DIY. So here I am again :D.

 Although I have not written any post since July I never stopped working on the blog, I’ve been learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript (yeah, I still have a lot to learn but I’m on it), I changed from Blogger to WordPress (and I made the mistake of not saying anything on the old platform, so guess it’s a new start here), I have a notebook full of new ideas and blog posts I want to share.

I want to make so many changes on the blog (and my life) that I even don’t know where to start, I even thought about changing the blog’s name, as a real and fresh new start but I’m not really sure about it as I’m not sure about start from scratch another blog neither.

There’s one thing that stops me from erase it all and start again, I find it really fun to see how my blog evolved since I first started more than a year ago. Whatcha think? Should I start over?

This last half year has been a complete madness for me, first came the renovation of the kitchen in May, later on came my finals (I had two complete months of exams). Then in June, while I was in the middle of the finals season, a flash flood affected my parents’ house and we almost lose it. In July and August I was working full time from Monday to Friday and I spent weekends helping at the house. September came and I started college again, this is my last year (or I hope so) and I have plenty of work to do and also have to combine it with singing lessons, practices with my band, and some teaching math hours.

The  good news is that this year I get to spend much more time at home and so I get to be more organized. So I spend my days doing mountains and mountains of work but I feel positive about everything that I’m doing ^_^.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram a picture of some croissants I had made and it was a complete boom, I had more likes on Facebook than ever and had several comments telling me that they wanted some so the idea stroke me… What if I use this simple recipe on my return to the blogging world?

So, here it is, a new recipe! 🙂

Total time of cooking: 30 minutes.


  • Premade pastry dough (unbaked)
  • An egg
  • Nutella


  • Bowl
  • Spoon (I know, I forgot on the photo)
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Baking paper
  • Baking tray


  1. Cut the dough into triangles.
  2. Put some nutella on every triangle.
  3. Roll the triangles (from base to top) and give them the croissant’s shape.
  4. Paint the pastry with a beaten egg (I used a spatula because I don’t have any cooking brush).
  5. Bake for 10 minutes, following the manufacturer’s instructions, or until you see the pastry brown enough.
  6. Let it cool on a rack.
It takes a short time to have just baked croissants for breakfast! So, let me know if you try them and enjoy your day!
It feels nice to be around here again.

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