My top 5 blog list

It’s 4 PM, I’m sitting in front of my computer, smelling my vanilla and caramel tea and ready for writing this post before I go to my dancing lessons. There it is, maybe I’ve got a block… it is always the same: I’ve got the idea, I think about it for a few days, I decide it is a good option for the blog so I prepare everything I need, I research, craft or cook, take pictures, do anything I have to and then, when it comes the time of writing I just don’t know how to start. Hooray!!!

The fact is that I know what I want to share but never know how to do it, the hardest part is to start writing but once I have something to stick with, then it’s easier, but don’t misunderstand me, it is difficult too.

Guess that’s because I’m willing to share with you how my days have been lately but I’m not sure if you’re interested on my personal life. I’m not sure if I would be interested on it, my life is not so special when it comes to a stranger to say. Of course my life is interesting for me and I have fun, really, even when I have to go to class and to be hearing about maths aaaaall day long. I’m always laughing at something (usually my clumsy self), spending time with beautiful people and always doing things that I love.

One of the things I enjoy the most is reading other blogs, blogs that inspire me, that teach me a lot of techniques, funny and lovely blogs. It is how spend part of my free time, when I’m not singing, listening to music, dancing, being crazy or watching some series. Today I want to share my 5 fave blogs, the ones that I feel inspired when I read them. Here we go!

A Beautiful Mess, written by Elsie and Emma, this blog is the reason why I’m blogging nowadays. It’s maybe the first blog I read that really caught my eye, the one made me start looking for more. With all it’s beautiful content, easy DIYs, a complete cookbook, lovely outfits and so much more. The whole team and contributors do an awesome work paying attention to every tiny detail to create such a beautiful place dedicated to creating a dreamy lifestyle.
Dawn is an amazing writer and her blog shows it. With a simple and easy way of communication she uses her blog as a diary,  she shares trips, posts awesome photos and transports you to amazing places sited in the US. But not only that, she hosts swaps (I participated in the latest two, one last April and one this month). What I most like of her is how you can read one day a funny article talking about her clumsiness and the next one find that bitter post where she shares her feelings. Also have to remark that is the only blogger that makes me use the dictionary.
That Japanese girl rocks it! Influenced by her boyfriend, Ryoko posts funny stuff and charts always talking about coffee. Are you looking for an excuse not to stop drinking coffee? Here you’ll find hundreds.  Are you wondering about different ways of brewing it? You can learn it here. But if not, you can read it just for fun.
Joy writes one of the best food blogs I follow. Her recipes always look delicious, not only because they are for sure but also because the photos she posts. She writes 101 series where she shares tips, compares products and how to prepare certain kind of ingredients. I’m completely in love of that beautiful blue eyed baker and her kitchen. If only I could cook as well as she does!!!

Last but not least, we have Sarah. Working as a freelancer web designer she writes all kind of tutorials related  with html coding, she shares freelance advice, tips to manage your business and also talks about her other job: the circus. That’s a bizarre and interesting mixing and I enjoy so much reading it!

Hope you enjoy the reading!


DIY photo wall

Sooo, it’s been more than a week and thought it was time to share another post. This DIY it’s been on the top of my to-blog-list for a long time.

Since I live in a rented flat, in which I’ve been living for the past 5 years, I’ve never paid much attention to decor. That past year I’ve been feeling the urge of creating a more comfortable atmosphere by giving it a personal touch but also, I don’t want to spend much money redecorating it because I’m not sure for how long I’ll be living here. So I’ve been searching for bargains, thinking on restyle old furniture and making big lists of DIY that will be a good mix to the house.

One thing that makes you feel really at home are those photos you’ve been taking for years and never printed, photos you like or just remind you of your family and friends. DIY made with photos are very common and last spring, after seeing a big amount of them, I just felt inspired and made one. I just selected some photos that make me feel inspired or just remind me of someone I love.


  • Some rope
  • Crafting clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Sorted photos


  1. Cut 5 or 6 rope pieces the length you want make your photo wall. Make a knot on the top of every piece the way it  shows on the image.
  2. Organize the photos the way you want them to be on the photo wall.
  3. Fix the photos on the different pieces of rope with the clothespins.
  4. Pass another piece of rope trough every knot you did before. Make sure to cut this one of sufficient length. Use a few more clothespins to prevent the vertical ropes moving
  5. Do a knot on every side of the horizontal rope.
  6. Use a couple of thumbtacks to hang it on the wall.

As you can see, I didn’t struggle much while doing this DIY, but that’s the kind of handcraft you feel so proud of how it turned! I hanged it right in front of my desk and enjoy it while studying. I really love that you can change the photos every time you want to.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoy your weekend!

Easy croissants… With chocolate!!!

Hi! It’s been a long time since I last wrote here, and I said I would be writing for long… but I didn’t. I’ve been tempted to say again that I’m back and all that kind of stuff… but thought it would be better if I just wrote a real post sharing a real recipe or DIY. So here I am again :D.

 Although I have not written any post since July I never stopped working on the blog, I’ve been learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript (yeah, I still have a lot to learn but I’m on it), I changed from Blogger to WordPress (and I made the mistake of not saying anything on the old platform, so guess it’s a new start here), I have a notebook full of new ideas and blog posts I want to share.

I want to make so many changes on the blog (and my life) that I even don’t know where to start, I even thought about changing the blog’s name, as a real and fresh new start but I’m not really sure about it as I’m not sure about start from scratch another blog neither.

There’s one thing that stops me from erase it all and start again, I find it really fun to see how my blog evolved since I first started more than a year ago. Whatcha think? Should I start over?

This last half year has been a complete madness for me, first came the renovation of the kitchen in May, later on came my finals (I had two complete months of exams). Then in June, while I was in the middle of the finals season, a flash flood affected my parents’ house and we almost lose it. In July and August I was working full time from Monday to Friday and I spent weekends helping at the house. September came and I started college again, this is my last year (or I hope so) and I have plenty of work to do and also have to combine it with singing lessons, practices with my band, and some teaching math hours.

The  good news is that this year I get to spend much more time at home and so I get to be more organized. So I spend my days doing mountains and mountains of work but I feel positive about everything that I’m doing ^_^.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram a picture of some croissants I had made and it was a complete boom, I had more likes on Facebook than ever and had several comments telling me that they wanted some so the idea stroke me… What if I use this simple recipe on my return to the blogging world?

So, here it is, a new recipe! 🙂

Total time of cooking: 30 minutes.


  • Premade pastry dough (unbaked)
  • An egg
  • Nutella


  • Bowl
  • Spoon (I know, I forgot on the photo)
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Baking paper
  • Baking tray


  1. Cut the dough into triangles.
  2. Put some nutella on every triangle.
  3. Roll the triangles (from base to top) and give them the croissant’s shape.
  4. Paint the pastry with a beaten egg (I used a spatula because I don’t have any cooking brush).
  5. Bake for 10 minutes, following the manufacturer’s instructions, or until you see the pastry brown enough.
  6. Let it cool on a rack.
It takes a short time to have just baked croissants for breakfast! So, let me know if you try them and enjoy your day!
It feels nice to be around here again.

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