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Hi sweeties! Long time with no post, I know, but things are going really fast around me and I’m realizing that I need to slow down, maybe start thinking about not writing so many posts, to focus on what I really have to do and use the blog as I wanted to use it at the beginning: a way of getting out of so many stress and logics and use my inspiration and imagination.

So I’m starting a new age on this blog, I will be blogging less often but richer and better quality content. There will be more crafting stuff, maybe I’ll talk a bit more about my personal life and also will be some music, recipes and links to interesting blogs or websites.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about Bloggers Anonymous.

B.A. is an interesting blog created by some anonymous bloggers to help, promote and encourage new bloggers to continue doing their best on this lovely, but sometimes hard, digital world.

There’s different ways you can participate: you can promote a blogger, promote the blog, promote yourself or you can only write a love note to any blogger you like.

To promote a blogger you only have to enter the website and submit. It’s completely anonymous so your name won’t appear on it. Also you can propose some blog you like (with less than 500 followers) as blog of the week. If you want to promote your own blog, you have to tweet, post, pin, mention and promote B.A. itself.

I think this blog is a very good idea and a beautiful way of meeting new bloggers and their voices. Also you can find very interesting blogs to follow and help promote them. So please, visit and promote the website, you can help new bloggers to have the audience they deserve!

Happy Monday! xoxo



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