This week I learned

I know, I know I said I wanted not to skip a single post… and I already missed three but Mr Chronos seems to be playing with me and always makes my time go by without me noticing.

It’s something like: Woah! Is it Sunday again? Did I do everything I planned? Ooops nope, to do all you want to, days should have 36 hours instead of 24, honey!
Every weekend I realize I should plan more realistic goals for the following week, and every weekend I make the mistake again and push myself to a nonsense week full of goals and work. But I like the way I’m always busy, is the way I am, I cannot remember myself not doing anything at all. And love having plenty of goals and projects, love my non-stop creative mind and those sleepless nights when ideas and inspiration stick around. We do have to love ourselves the way we are, don’t we?
Another Sunday and some more lovely links that I’ve been found interesting lately, all springtime related and beautiful ideas.

Is there any better idea for a springtime birthday party than these Mini balloon placecards?

With hot and sunny days salads are my favorite meal, let’s try this one!
Yes guys! Let’s put some spring everywhere. I’m loving this selection for my table.

Perfect burguers, nothing more to say!

I would give everything I have just for this view
Really in love of this way of recycling old glass bottles

Amy and her favorite New Girl’s scene, yep, it’s probably one of my favs too…

Ice cream, I’m in love with you!
Dont’ forget to take a look at these tiny tips for beeing a good and successful blogger.
Oh and I almost forgot, watch this video, its of a concert of The Kojaks!
Well, hope you enjoyed this new post and also your weekend was lovely! xoxo


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