April’s Simple Goals

April’s here, spring is here, sunshine is here, warm is here and colours too and I thought it would be fun to choose four simple goals for this month (as I did long ago, when I started the blog), four simple goals that I want to fulfill on April.
Some of them have some relation with my New Year’s Resolutions, others none, but I’ve realized that try to meet some goals every month is something that helps you focus and doing a lot of things you’re willing to do.

So, my April’s goals are:

  1. Tweet and post a photo on Instagram at least once a day.
  2. Don’t skip a single post. Every month I write down a list of posts I want to write (yes, I’m the list woman) and  schedule them. At the end of the month I end up writing half the number I wanted to so April’s gonna be the first one I’ll be writing every scheduled post.
  3. Take photos of everything I do in order to meet my New Year’s goals and April’s ones.
  4. Sing everyday.
It was difficult to choose only four goals, there are so many things I want to do! But I thought about the motto: Divide and Conquer, it’s better not to try doing everything at once.
If you want to have a lot of stuff done, really try this way of work, and if you do, please share with us!
Hope you have a nice day! xoxo

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