Monday’s Music: Some Beautiful Spanish Songs

Here I am trying to write something that I would like to read… but today my lack of inspiration is so great that even pick a few songs for you to listen has been very difficult. It might be that I’ve been distracted by everything, and maybe I have been doing everything at once and nothing at all…

But I’m writing because I picked the songs and I want you to listen them, so even if I don’t know what to say I’m sharing today’s playlist.
Today I’ve picked some of the Spanish songs that I love the most. Some of them are special because have been part of my life’s soundtrack, some of them remind me when Mr Funny and I started going out, some of them remind me my sisters and some are only beautiful.

I love the way music evokes past moments. I love to think about someone just because a song that reminds me of her/him is playing. Music is something that has a bizarre way of making me feel fine.
Have a nice week and enjoy the music!

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