The Kojaks

Hello Monday! Do you remember that I’ve been talking about new projects lately? Here are the breaking news: I belong to a band!
I’ve been rehearsing a lot the past couple weeks and spending long whiles with my new partners. So today I want to introduce you my band:

First of all I have to confess that singing in a band is something that I always wanted to do, when I was a child I always dreamed to be a professional singer but never had the opporunity of taking singing lessons. Then on 2011 I started singing in a choir and last year I started having singing lessons.

Shortly after I met Juan and Efren, they sing at the same choir I do, and a couple months later I discovered that they played in a band and the best part was that they were looking for chorus girls! So I let my shiness aside and offered myself to sing. Then I started rehearsing with Juan (guitarist) and sweet Amparo (singer). And suddenly I become one of them. (This happened a couple weeks ago)

I have to say that I’ve been a lucky one because in less than a week I’ve sung in two concerts, there are more programmed and they just recorded the first song and the first video clip (I’ll share it with you ASAP but you can watch the teaser). Also have to say that I feel very fortunate because I’ve found a bunch of beautiful people that play music I love. Love you Kojaks!!!

Now that I told you the story, I want you to meet my band:

Amparo (singer)
Juan (guitarist)
Efren (bassist)

 Mateo (drummer)

Juanjo (percussionist)

Me (chorus girl)
Now today is a very special playlist for me, I chose some of the songs we play, hope you enjoy!
If you liked the songs and you want to support our work, you can like our page on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Have a nice week!

Love you,

Deborah and the rest of Kojaks.


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