This week I learned

How’s your weekend going? Well, maybe I should say how did it go?
Don’t you love those sunny days when spring is around the corner and you can enjoy the sun without feeling too hot? Don’t you love when flowers start to blossom and everything starts to look bright and full of life? Well, I do. It’s not like it’s my favorite season, because I love all of them but it’s true that it’s on spring when I feel with more energy and when I prefer beeing outside, take pictures, enjoy the sun and the wind and even some fast rain, wear skirts and dresses, use my bike, do some picnics and go for a walk. 
Let’s start with my small selection of lovely links of this week

Gina and her recipes help us keep thin.
Lately I’ve been looking for some new ways of having my oatmeal breakfasts, I’m trying this one ASAP, it looks delicious!
Looking for some new recipes I found a delicatessen.

Love Jess’ old photo findings (yes, I really love old photos).

Yes, I also love stars pictures and love NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, there are so many beautiful ones!

Do you enjoy reading? You can create one easy and funny bookmark. 😉

This girl’s posts and findings are for me a big source of inspiration.

Danielle and her March playlist are helping me today with my lack of concentration, and the first song is amazing!

Is there any other cupcake recipe that could be more perfect for a Sunday like this one? Nope. Rainbows, really? Rainbows on a cupcake? They are perfect! And they have rainbows inside too.

This DIY is an easy one to start adding some pop of colour on your outfits.
Hope you enjoyed today’s links, I really love discovering so many treasures. Enjoy the rest of your day and please, start your new week with a huge smile!!!

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