This week I learned

I know, I know, every Sunday I say the same sentece: Is it Sunday again? But oh, time passes so quick… And when I think about everything I should have done and didn’t, just feel like days should have 36 hours instead of 24 and I should never sleep. Instead of this, I try to organize myself as well as I know and use my time the better I can and when I think about everything I’ve done then I realize that I did a lot of things. My conclusion: It’s all about perspective.

Here I come today with some lovely links I found last week. Hope you enjoy!

Lovely Melissa shows us how to paint our nails with a denim twist.
Love this funny DIY from Oh Happy Day
Kinsey shows us how to turn a blanket into a top.
Moorea Seal and this week’s list of her 52 lists challenge inspires me.
Beautiful Cathy encourages everyone to accomplish their dreams.

I wish I could have this Baked French Toast Sticks every morning.
Yummy and healthy food, thank you Katie!
I completely LOVE Jessica’s recipes, there’s never one I wouldn’t cook.

Katie and her outfits always inspire me, she has such a personal style!

 And last but not least, I love Elizabeth’s blog and the way she repeats her clothes but she makes them different in every outfit.
This weekend was super funny, me and M. Funny went to Barcelona and spent a couple of days with my family, some family friends and my sisters boyfriends. We celebrated my little sister’s birthday.
We went to a beauty saloon and get painted our nails, the baby one had a massage with chocolate oils (it was sister’s birthday present), I cooked some cupcakes (recipe next week), ate yummy food and yesterday night played laser tag with some friends. A complete party weekend!
Hope you had a great weekend! 

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