This week I learned

Hey sweeties it’s Sunday again! This has been a very extciting week for me, I’ve done lots of things and there were some important news that have to do with my future, but first I want to share with you some lovely things I’ve found this week.

I’m completely in love of this tiny dogs from Bakerella!

Thinking about sharing some more love with this funny pie pops.

Wanting to taste this awsome chocolate pie.

Wishing to decorate my home with this shiny candles easy DIY.

Wanting ot create this lovely headband (maybe with some smaller flowers).

I had my first experience with washi tape, a cardholder.

Did this funny bookmark. Tutorial here.

Discovered Domisol Sisters and fell in love with their voices.

Learned a new English word: hectic.

And last but not least, I got an intership in a Market Research Company for six months, so up from March I’ll be working there!

Hope you have a happy Sunday and enjoyed your weekend! xo



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