Feeling Girlie

Last week, Mr. Funny and I celebrated our 7th anniversary and we did some special things. We spent together the last weekend, stayed on his mother’s birthplace town, visited a beautiful place, went out lunch and enjoyed of some time alone.

I love dressing myself to a date with him, choosing my clothes and making me up only to surprise him and make him know how happy I am of being together for so long.

I chose this comfy new dress and started planning how to wear it. Since the weahter isn’t really cold around here recently put on a shirt, some warm tights and my new shoes. I was ready for going out! 

This is an ideal outfit for a day or night date, like for example St. Valentine’s date. I really like the dress and also the shoes. They’re those special pieces that I talked about buying when I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions so I’m glad to see that I’m accomplishing them.
Outfit details: Dress-H&M winter season/Shirt, belt and tights – Old season/Shoes – Camper, winter season.

What would you wear on St. Valentine’s?

Happy Tuesday! xo


P.S: Don’t forget to enter the St. Valentine’s Giveaway!


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