St. Valentine’s Giveaway

Lately I’m feeling in the mood of sharing the love, I’m in love with so many things around me! I’m not only talking about my relationship with Mr. Funny, I’m also talking about all those little details that make my life so beautiful, those tiny things that I decided to focus on instead of thinking about the bad ones. I love having breakfast with Mr. Funny, play with our kitten, my sisters laughs (that I don’t listen to very often because we live far away home), coffee, tea, having lunch with my friends, early morning sunlight, bright colours, freshly baked smells, hot water, writing, singing, dancing, short trips to beautiful places, new friends (I have to tell Melissa you’re awsome!!!)… and the list goes on.
Today I’m sharing all my love offering this, my very first giveaway. Three lucky guys will win one of these three handmade crochet brooches (that I made with my own hands). 

To enter leave a comment below telling me wich little things are you in love and your name. The giveaway will be open until St. Valentine’s and the winners will be chosen randomly and announced on February 15th.

Bonus entries – Let me know in your comments if you follow me on some of these places:
Twitter: @deborondi
Instagram: @borondy
Bloglovin. Here my first reader will win a surprise gift!

Good luck! xo



8 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Giveaway

  1. I love wake up late with my boyfriend by my side, shopping with my sister, having lunch with my friends 😉 , the smell of gunpowder in fallas, being warm at home on rainy days, chocolate, massages, kissing …lot of things!!! =)
    My name is Esther and I think I'm your first follower in Bloglovin!

  2. Karla Rodriguez!
    Well, I thing i have a lot of little things in my live that are perfect! I love so much when I am in the middle of the mountain when it's snowing, and there is a silence extremly peaceful. I love this moment for think in my things or only for just listening anything. I also love be with all my family, just having fun with all the comments of my sisters and my parents! I also love when I am with my boyfriend seeing a film,I thing he is another Mr. Funny jajaj :P. I love too be with my friends, because i having fun a lot with them!
    And the last thing that I love so much is the macarroni of my mother!! They are incredibleee!! You have to tast it jajaj 😀 :p
    See you soon!

  3. I really love the peaceful of the mountain, besides, my grandma lives in a village and I really like spend time with her in the mountain.
    In the other side, instead of the peaceful, I love being crazy with my friends and spend a lot of time with them!
    I cant forget my two hobbies: photography and chocolate. They are my lovers 😀

    I don't have boyfriend, so I can't say that I love being with him! But I can say that I like see my friends happy with their boyfriends/girlfriends, so in Valentine's day I'm happy for them 🙂

    By the way, that crotcher broches are beautiful! 😀 good job!
    Right now I'm following you on twitter 😉

  4. Hi!! (y eso va a ser lo único que ponga en inglés XD), pero solo por ser diferente, ya me conoces!! ;P
    Yo quiero un broche de esooooosss!!! uno de cada!! (mmm bueno vale, me conformo solo con uno) jajajaja
    Y, como creo que no te lo he dicho, te lo dejo escrito, y así queda para la posteridad: “me encanta este planeta morado que te has montado!!!” 🙂
    Un besazoooo!! ^^
    Con cariño, Vienna.

  5. Thanks so much! Not having boyfriend is nothing important, the important thing is to be happy with what you are and what you do, boyfriends will come later. Good luck!

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