St. Valentine’s Chocolates

Ooooh yes, this week I’ve been talking about love in every post I wrote, it’s something about sharing and telling to others how important they are in my life, something that suddenly has become very important to me.
Today I’m sharing a quick chocolates recipe for those who don’t enjoy cooking but yet want to surprise someone with a tiny gift. You don’t need many ingredients, materials or experience, only 30 minutes of your time. Grab your mama’s apron and follow this easy recipe!


  • 200 gr/ 7 oz baking chocolate, or the one you prefer.
  • 30 gr/ 1 oz Smacks (or some similar cereal). I used the ones in the image and the result was also very tasty.
  • 60 gr/ 2 oz walnuts.


  1. Melt the chocolate on bain-marie. Make shure it’s not too liquid.
  2. Add the cereals and the walnuts, the consistence of the batter has to be homogeneous and all the cereals and walnuts have to be covered by chocolate.
  3. Do the chocolates, you can help yourself using a tablespoon or if you’ve got any molds use them.
  4. Refrigerate for half an hour and they are ready to be eaten!

I wraped them like in the photos above but you can wrape them using this original freebie or this tutorial or just think about one that fits your style. I gave mines to a friend and she loved them! I’m shure you will surprise the ones you choose.

Hope you and your friends enjoy your chocolates. Let me know if you cook them!

Happy weekend!!!


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