Monday’s Music: My favorite love songs.

Here I am again! It’s been a long, long time since the last time I wrote… But this time I’m for shure writing for a while ^_^.

Today is a very special day for Mr. Funny and me, we’ve been together for seven years. Seven years ago we first kissed on our first date. Maybe today I’m feeling a bit romantic, St Valintine’s is around the corner, I’ve been sick for a few days and needed extra love and of course, our anniversary. Guess coming out with this new tribute to love playlist was nothing unexpected. I chose some of my favourite love songs but I wanted to stay positive, spending seven years with your love is something beautiful, so I didn’t choose my very favorites ones because they are too sad. Also this is a shorter playlist because of that, today I’ve realized that my taste is a bit depressive when we talk about love songs… they always talk about breakups!

Here you are the new playlist, hope you enjoy!

This is a very exciting week, please stay tuned!!!



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