Monday’s Music: Dancing Machine

This is still a very stressful week, I’ve spent a lot of time studying and there’s a lot more left so I thougth it would be fun to share something that helps me relax. There are moments I am so jittery that is totally impossible for me to focus on what I have to study so I turn my favourite music on, spend about twenty minutes dancing, singing or even shouting the lyrics and then start studying again.

This is a silly and fun ritual that helps me keep my sanity intact while spending a lot of time at home, alone and studying and I don’t care my neighbours, my flatmates or even Mr. Funny think I’m crazy, is something that helps me relax and focus again and, well, I love it!
Yesterday I picked some of my favourite songs that I listen while this crazy dance and made a new playlist, but something was wrong with Grooveshark and couldn’t embed it on the post, I decided to try it again today. Here you are!

Hope you like it! Love,


P.S: No photos today, sorry, I’m very busy!


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