This week I learned

It’s been a long week, weeks are always longer when you have to study but time also flies when you do. I spend the hole day studying and my head wants to explode but at the end of the day my feeling is that I should have studied more. Here begins a self-destruction process when I feel bad because I have to study and feel bad because if I don’t do. Then, suddenly I turn on my computer and start reading some of the blogs I love and draw a smile, Internet is an open window for me to think about new projects and goals that I’ll be achieving as soon as I finish my finals and a place where you can find so many beautiful things!

This week I discovered this beautiful Lenka’s song, The Show, and I love it, but it’s not only the music, the video itself is so funny, everytime I see the tomatoes I can’t stop laughing.

Lovely Melissa made me smile with this quick DIY.

Loved this beautiful table, I’m thinking about painting one for my home but maybe silver?

I’ll be baking those brownies ASAP.

Enjoyed this beautiful photos.

Learned how to make oat milk.

Found this beautiful bag at Stylistpick.

Learned how to embed a video on the blog.

This one is something that M. Funny read somewhere on the Internet but none of us knew and found very important: It’s a very common thing to suffer urinary infections after having sex but an easy and simple way of avoiding it is to urinate after make love because urine is an antiseptic. I’m writing this because is something no one taught me and think is very important. This has never happended to me but actually I do have friends that had this problem.

Also learned a lot of maths but that one was obvious!

Hope you have a very lovely day. Big hugs for you!



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