New Year’s Resolutions and Happy New Year!


I know, I know, it’s been a long time without writing but I went home to see my family for Chtismas and my laptop crashed so I’ve been almost without Internet for almost two weeks… :-(.  And yes, I’m running late on everything I wanted to share with you, but life hapens and that’s something no one can change, and right now I’m trying to reorganize all the posts I want to write. But stop complaining about what happened yesterday and think about today!

First of all I want to say Happy New Year to everyone! Hope this new year is full of happiness and all your projects and dreams come true.
And now, I want to talk about all those projects I would like to accomplish this new year. (Yeah, it’s a big  list)
1. Learn photography, take a couple of courses.
On November I bought this camera and I want to learn how to take better photos.
2. Pass at least the 80% of my courses.
Ok, that’s always in my mind and it’s a priority but I thought it would help to write it down to achieve it.
3. Compose two songs.
I love music, it’s a big part of my life and also love expressing myself with music.
4. Write between 100 and 150 posts.
Or more if possible. I love blogging!
5. Start the mile a day.
It’s a good thing to go running, it helps me relaxing and feeling better.
6. Use bike to go everywhere!
I live in Valencia,  it’s a beautiful city and the weather is always good, there are only a few really cold or rainy days every year so bikes are a funny and a healthy conveyance.
7. Cook 12 different cupcakes.
It relaxes me so much!
8. Do the 365 challenge (a photo a day).
This was not my idea, I read it on a post of one of my favourites blogs, A beautiful mess.
9. Craft something for me.
I craft a lot of things but usually as gifts to other people so I want to do some crafting for myself.
10. Do the 20 minutes daily cleansing.
I read it here and I thougth it was a good idea, I used to clean on weekends all the house but I prefer to 
enjoy more my free time instead of cleaning, I’ll share soon my experience.
11. Improve my wardrobe.
That means I want to have a more personal style, I usually buy basics and play with them but I want to have more of those pieces you like so much that you want to wear them as often as possible.
12. Use skirt twice a week.
I love skirts but always wear pants, I want to change that.
13. Go out with Mr. Funny once a week.
Ok, we’re students and we spend a lot of time at home so I think is a healthy idea (and I’m talking about madness here) to go out once a week, it can be a dinner, a lunch, the cinema or even a walk, but we have to spend more time out and together.
14. Improve my nutrition.
That means slow down with sugar and meat, eat more fish, fruits and vegetables. it doesn’t means I’m starting obssesing with nutrition, and I absolutly don’t have bad habits but I want them to be better.
15. Slim down.
Only as a part of eating better and exercising more.
16. Decorate my home.
This is a long term project but I want to feel that my home is really my home. I’ve been living in the same flat for 5 years but I didn’t start until last September.
17. Learn more make-up.
I just want to know how to make in different styles and methods. I don’t use a lot of make-up but I want to know how to make me up on those special occasions.
18. Study English.
Want to improve my vocabulary and grammar. I started writing this blog in English to improve my skills and I’m learning a lot but there are expressions and vocabulary that there’s no way I can learn without a little help.
19. Study Catalan.
Well, I allready know Catalan, but I need to remember a lot of things. I hate not to write correctly and I want to make sure that doesn’t hapens to me.
20. Study French.
Another language I want to improve. The same as English, I want to know more vocabulary and also need to remember some verbal tenses and spelling.
21. Read 6 books.
I love reading but since I started my degree I don’t read much because I’m just a bit overwhelmed with information during the day. Six books in a year is not much and I want to spend more time doing things that I love.
22. Learn sewing basics.
This list is so big that I decided not to add some more projects that I would like to accomplish… Next yaer better isn’t it? What are your New Years Resolutions?
Happy Saturday.

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