This week I learn: Holiday’s edition!


Hi again! Christmas is coming and I’m back home for the holidays… It’s been a long trip to see my family, but now I’ve got a few days to enjoy them. Are you going to see your family for Christmas? Have you to travel a long way before getting home? Today I’m sleepish because I didn’t sleep much last night and my brain is not working as it usually do, yesterday I drank a coffe at the afternoon and it was very difficult to sleep.

Here I go with some things I learned his week!

  • Don’t mix milk and champaing in a same cocktail, the resulting taste it’s not very good.
  • Knitting things (again someone’s present and part of a project I’ll share after holidays).
  • It’s not a good idea drinking coffee at the afternoon.
  • I discovered polka dots wrapping paper (seriously, I want some!)
  • Realized that need to go running more often.


  • How funny recording a video is (you’ll see it soon).
  • When studying it’s all about time management, yep, and priorities too.

  • Loved this Christmas Balls.


This is all for today, hope you like this few things! Please, let me know your opinions! Enjoy your day!



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