Today I’m feeling girlie…

I’ve never been a fashion victim and never cared much of my outfits, I just keep them practical and comfy, don’t like getting cold and hate feeling uncomfortable. But I have to confess… I like feeling beautiful and girlie.

A while ago I started looking for some new clothes, like the skirt I’m wearing today, clothes for those days I feel like a real girl and I want to look pretty.

As you can see, I still want to be comfortable, I perfectly know the shoes I’m wearing are not perfect for today’s outfit, but I prefer having my feet cozy and warm.

Outfit details – T-shirt: Bershka, last season. Skirt: Primark. Scarf: C&A. Shoes: Coolway, last season.

I enjoyed a lot this morning, I was a bit shy with everyone in the park looking at Mr. Funny and I, but liked it. Also I have to admit that it’s been a surprise seeing these pictures… I’m thiner than I thought!

Hope you enjoyed this little post. Smile today, don’t wait until tomorrow!



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