Monday’s Music: Yann Tiersen

I’m here again! And I will start with some new series of posts that will be coming up every week :D.
But, first of all, did you notice the new design didn’t you? Well, I’m still working on it so don’t be disappointed by the moment ;-)-.
So, the first serie will be this one, Monday’s Music, I’ll share lovely, funny and beautiful music, music that makes me smile, makes me sing or dance. Music is a big part of my life, you know, I’m a musician and love to learn, listen or discover new songs.
The first playlist is Yann Tiersen’s:

Well perhaps you don’t know him (I seriously doubt it) but I’m shure that if I talk about “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” you’ll remember its lovely soundtrack.

I discovered this man, or should I say his music, when watching the movie and I fell in love immediately, don’t missunderstand me, with the music, not the man. So I found myself listening again and again the beautiful songs and started looking for some more songs of his. I have to admit every time I listen to some of them, I draw a stupid smile and can’t stop until the song ends… Well, here you have my favourites, it’s a small selection (you can’t imagine how hard the choice was) but hope you look for more after this post. So, while listening try to picture me with the stupid smile… Hope you enjoy it! (I’m still working on embeding the playlist here…)

Monday’s Playlist: Yann Tiersen

Hope you like my new way of starting the week! (Please, let me know your opinions). Have a nice day!!



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